Conan Exiles: How To Get Raw Ash

Conan Exiles is an online survival game developed by Funcom for Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game has you creating your own home, surviving against creatures and NPCs, and mining valuable resources. You can even face other online players if you are on a PvP server.

On the other hand, mining is an essential part of the game as it helps you acquire rarer materials needed for upgrades or crafting. There are a lot of ingredients in the game, some harder to find than others. Here is all you need to know on how you can acquire Raw Ash from different methods in the game.

How To Get Raw Ash

Raw Ash is an ingredient in Conan Exiles that you can find in selected areas of the game. The most accessible location to farm this ingredient is the Volcano biome.

Make your way to the Shrine of the Oracle and start mining the obsidian deposits in the area. Using a sickle will yield the best result. Mining all the deposits has a chance of giving you enough Raw Ash to craft a potent compost.

However, mining is not the only way to farm Raw Ash. There are different methods that might get you more ingredients, but you would have to grind a lot. One of the methods is by looting NPCs that you kill trying to defend your home or in your travels. This has a low chance of dropping the ingredient you need but looting a lot of NPCs will increase the chances of you getting more of them.

Another method to find Raw Ash is dealing with particular creatures and looting their bodies. Not all creatures can drop Raw Ash; to find the ingredient, you will have to kill Living Magma and Lloigor. Living Magma can be located in The Well of Skelos in the Desert, Volcano biome. At the same time, Lloigors are situated in the Isle of Siptah in the Floodlands biome.

Killing these creatures does not have a 100 percent chance of dropping Raw Ash. You will have to kill many of them before acquiring the amount you need.

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