Corsair K60 RGB Pro Low Profile Keyboard Review: More Than Flashing Lights

Corsair has a history of crafting remarkable keyboards. From the simple K55 and aging K95 to the ultra-premium K100, the company is bound to have a board that fits your needs. It recently launched a new product into this revered family – the K60 RGB Pro Low Profile – and it wears its experience on its keycaps. The K60 Low Profile mechanical keyboard is one of the best products in the sub-$150 price range, offering Cherry switches, a brushed aluminum frame, N-Key rollover, and an array of beautiful, customizable LED lights.

Flashing Lights

As soon as you plug in the K60 Low Profile it’ll put on a wild light show for you. Each key has its own adjustable light, giving you an incredible amount of control over how your board looks. Dozens of different actions can be programmed into it as well – colors can pulse across the board, they can fall from the top of the board like raindrops, or keys can change colors when you press them.

Right now I’m running with a keyboard that is solid red, but pressing a button will momentarily change it to a random color. Later tonight I might switch it to pulsing blue theme and – thanks to the intuitive iCue software – making changes like this are fast and efficient. The software gives you dozens of options to quickly customize your lights, or you can spend hours in the software optimizing every aspect of the K60 Low Profile. Once you’re done, just save it to a Profile that can be accessed at the click of a button.

There’s no doubt that the array of LED lights have become the main draw of the keyboard and the feature I deal with the most on a daily basis. However, the bright lights shouldn’t overshadow the incredible hardware hiding underneath its glowing aluminum frame.

Respect The Specs

The fact that you can get a keyboard that looks this good for under $150 is impressive enough on its own. But that price tag of $110 gets you a lot more than pretty looks – it also gets you a pretty capable keyboard. The most important aspect of the mechanical keyboard is the Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Speed switches – a linear switch that doesn’t offer a tactile click but is perfect at responding to rapid input during intense gaming sessions.

Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Speed switches provide you with less than 0.01mm of tolerance, translating your thoughts into actions at a ridiculous rate. These linear switches travel 3.2mm per press, offer 1.0 mm of pre travel, and only need 45 cN of force to actuate – making them some of the easiest keys to actuate in any keyboard around. If you’re looking for switches that will register every action as soon as you think of them, this is the board for you.

It’s perfect for daily use as well, with a smooth feel behind each press that makes it just as comfortable typing up a three-page review as it is “QQ-ing” in Counter-Strike.

But flashing lights and top-tier switches aren’t the end of the story. Media controls to easily navigate your current playlist, Full N-Key rollover, a ten-key number pad, 1000Hz polling rate, and a two year warranty to ensure you get a long life out of the K60 puts it in a league all its own.


The K60 Low Profile is a beast of a keyboard, but that doesn’t make it perfect. For one, my previous keyboard had function keys on both sides of the spacebar, whereas the K60 only has it on the right. This is actually a pretty typical layout for mechanical boards – so it’s not an issue unique to Corsair’s product – but it would have been great to have an extra function key for my left hand to use. Still, after a few more weeks I’m sure muscle memory will kick in and it will no longer be an issue.

There’s also no customizing the K60 Low Profile – the board itself is only available in a black, brushed aluminum frame and you’ll only be able to get the Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Speed switches. If you’re not a fan of the switches you can always opt for the K60 Pro SE, but even then, your choices are still fairly limited.

Those are minor gripes on an otherwise wonderful mechanical keyboard. The iCue software created by Corsair lets you take unprecedented control over the look of the K60 Low Profile, while the Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Speed switches give you an edge over the competition. Its frame is lightweight and durable, offering a slimmer footprint than other keyboards on the market while stilling giving you all the features you’ve come to expect. The K60 RGB Pro Low Profile is an incredible mechanical keyboard offered at an incredibly affordable price.

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The Corsair K60 RGB Pro Low Profile is now available on for purchase. TheGamer was provided with a K60 RGB Pro Low Profile for this review.

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