Creative Platform Styly Adds Support for Google Tilt Brush Models

Google has been dropping support left and right for its virtual reality (VR) initiatives but others in the industry are either helping pick up the slack or giving users alternative avenues to explore. Tilt Brush recently went open-source and now web-based creative platform STYLY has announced official support for 3D models built in the painting app.

It was necessary due to the fact that Google Poly is closing this year, where artists could upload their models and then use them in STYLY. Now developer Psychic VR Lab is enabling artists to directly upload their creations to STYLY to remove that worry.

STYLY has supported the Google Poly API for many years, offering a platform for Tilt Brush artists to easily create and distribute XR content. The closure of Google Poly will drastically reduce the number of places where Tilt Brush artists can present their works, which will, in turn, affect the creative activities of many artists and will be a major issue for the culture of XR art,” says Ryohei Watanabe, CMO of Psychic VR Lab in a statement. “We have decided to officially support Tilt Brush with STYLY in order to support the creative activities of Tilt Brush artists in their continuous efforts to break new ground for XR art.”

To upload your Tilt Brush artwork Psychic VR Lab explains that the: “3D modeling data created with Tilt Brush can be uploaded to STYLY after exporting it as a glb file.” For further information on the process follow this link.

The Japanese studio launched STYLY in 2017 as a web platform specifically tailored to the easy creation of VR experiences. A cloud-based solution, creators can use STYLY for any type of artistic projects, some have created music videos whilst others down the anime route. All of which are promoted every year as part of the NEWVIEW Awards held in Tokyo. In addition to VR, Psychic VR Lab added augmented reality (AR) support last summer, greatly expanding STYLY’s functionality. The studio recently held a successful funding round, managing to raise $8.5 million USD (¥900m JPY) towards expanding the platform globally. 

VRFocus will continue its coverage of STYLY as well as its NEWVIEW Awards, reporting back with further updates.

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