Cricket 22: Career Mode Training And Recovery Guide

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Cricket 22, for a sports sim with a tiny budget, has a great single-player career mode where you can, literally, take your career player from the local park to the World Cup.

A new feature for Cricket 22's career mode is that you will need to make choices regarding your players’ fitness, training, and recovery. The leveling up of your skill points in the game is automatic and based on match performance and bonuses, but you can also boost your stats by training. These can be significant, especially when you are just starting out your career.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t great at telling you the details of how this works. So here is a breakdown:

Guide To Training In Cricket 22 Career Mode

There are three training categories that you can undertake for your player, and you can complete them on any day on the career mode calendar that isn't taken up with a match.

Unfortunately, depending on what system you are playing the game on, they are known to be somewhat buggy and certain things might not seem to work. If this happens to you, there’s no need to panic. You can progress your career just fine without having to do training at all, and this should all be patched at some point.

That being said, this is how they are supposed to work – and how, if they do work, they can really help progress your career:

Nets Training

Nets training will permanently boost stats for bowling, batting, and fielding. The longer you play in the nets, the bigger a boost you will receive – up to the ceiling as prescribed by your player's strengths and weaknesses (which you selected at the start of your career). You can quit nets training at any time, change the settings to make it as difficult as you like, and it even appears that you can train for as long as you want to get as big as a stat boost as you have time for (though, there's some community debate about this).

The skills' boosts are based on how good you are at batting and bowling, as well as your shot/delivery choices. Fielding skills are boosted randomly after a net.

As a result, you can grind out some significant permanent boosts in the nets, but they are not as big stat boosts as to what you'd get in actual matches – so it’s not absolutely critical to train in the nets every single day for hours at a time.

Make sure, when bowling, to select “player skill” in the net settings so that your player actually bowls their bowling type. There’s a known bug where your player will default to trying to bowl pace, even if they are fast-medium or a spinner.

Gym Training

Gym training offers up to 20-point boosts to each of the core stats. The actual limit depends on your player's strengths and weaknesses, how well you complete each minigame associated with it, and which difficulty you picked.

The training options and the stat they boost are:

  • Treadmill – Physical.
  • Reaction Wall – Defence.
  • Weight Training, Bench – Attack.
  • Weight Training, Dumbbell – Delivery.
  • Rowing Machine – Control.
  • Box Jump – Fielding.
  • Balance Ball – Technical.
  • Yoga – Technical.

Quick Training

Quick training is the same as net training, but the bonuses are far greater at the expense of them only being temporary. Quick training also increases the likelihood of your player's confidence being raised for their next game.

Fatigue Management In Cricket 22 Career Mode

This is the oddest element of the new career mode features, and there is some debate in the community as to what it actually does.

Fatigue Management sounds fairly self-explanatory, but there is no way of knowing how fatigued your player is from within the career mode other than what you see during a match. After completing a fatigue management session, the game also does not tell you if there were any stats boosts or how it was beneficial.

It does seem, however, that if you are finding your player’s stamina bar in-game is sapping quickly then selecting a fatigue management option after a game can help with this. It also appears to avoid confidence dropping into the red in your next game.

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