Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Has Been Delayed Into 2021

Fans looking forward to Cuphead’s “The Delicious Last Course” DLC will be sad to learn that the add-on content has been delayed into 2021 due to complications incurred by the coronavirus pandemic. On Twitter this afternoon, developer Studio MDHR announced that the final update for the game, which will add the playable Ms. Chalice character, won’t be hitting any platform until sometime next year.

“In true Studio MDHR fashion, we aren’t content for this final chapter to be anything less than our best work,” reads an update from founders Chad and Jared Moldenhauer. “Rather than compromise our vision in response to COVID, we’ve made the difficult decision to push back the release of The Delicious Last Course until we are confident it will delight the Cuphead community the way we feel it should.”

This isn’t the first time that the studio has pushed back this DLC chapter. Originally announced with a 2019 release date, Studio MDHR made the tough decision to delay things into 2020 back in June of 2019 so that it could avoid crunching its staff. If 2020 were any other year, we’d probably be playing this extra Cuphead chapter right now. Sadly, 2020 has been anything but normal.

Thankfully, Studio MDHR has made the right choice here. Considering that the main game took five years of work and a remortgaging of homes from the two studio leads, they obviously know that the tough path is better in the long run. Some fans may be upset at the decision, but it’s a far better alternative than burning employees out just to get some content out there.

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