Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Update Adds Anime Styled Braindances

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners arrives on Netflix September 13, but you don't have to wait that long to get a preview of the new anime from Studio Trigger. You can see part of the show in Cyberpunk 2077 right now thanks to the new Edgerunners Update, which arrives on all platforms later today.

Update 1.6 adds a brand-new quest inspired by the coming Netflix series, and it starts with a highly unusual Braindance. To start the quest, find a discarded Braindance in a trash bin and put it on. You'll then be treated to a scene straight out of the anime where a cyberpsycho uses some high-tech piece of cyberware to absolutely demolish a bunch of Night City's finest.

Might this fancy cyberware clue into the new Edgerunners quest? You'll have to find that braindance to find out.

In addition to the new quest, you can also find David's coat as a new cosmetic, and also Rebecca's guns. Those guns aren't going to be pointed out on any map, and it'll be up to players to go find 'em. However, watching the Edgerunner's anime will give you a pretty good idea of where to look.

It's not just Edgerunners content coming in update 1.6. The long-awaited wardrobe system arrives today, allowing players to save cosmetic-only outfits without ruining their stats. The transmog system will be available via apartments, providing them with a little more importance to your overall gameplay. Ripper Docs have also been updated with new plastic surgery algorithms that will let players change V's appearance just like during character creation. There's even some new hairstyles available too.

And what would an update be without some new guns? There are 11 new weapons–six guns and five melee weapons–that can be found in stores, as part of quests, or just wandering around the city. There's also been some modifications to older weapons, such as an updated sniper rifle that fires exploding rounds.

The Edgerunners update is available today on all Cyberpunk 2077 platforms.

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