Data Miners Leak Unreleased Apex Legends Season 6 Skins

Some new skins are set to arrive later in Season 6 of Apex Legends, according to data miners.

Season 6: Boosted has arrived in Apex Legends, along with a new Legend, a new gun, and an updated World’s Edge map. It’s also reportedly bringing two new Heirlooms for both Bangalore and Caustic. Data miners have found references to a set of tonfas for Bangalore and a sledgehammer for Caustic, which will arrive during the Aftermarket Collection Event later in September.

Well-known Apex Legends data miner says that the Collection Event will hit the game on September 8th and bring with it a bunch of new unreleased skins. He’s even dug into the game files to give us a preview of just what those skins might look like, starting with a new one for Loba.

We don’t have a name for new skin other than Loba’s “Boosted” skin, but the animation that Shrugtal posted shows an active color scheme of blue, purple, white, and black that flows down and outward across Loba’s model. It’s mesmerizing, and it’s also shared with new skins for both the Triple Take and Longbow sniper rifles.

Shrugtal also found a series of unused names in the most recent update that will likely be applied to upcoming skins. Those names include “Risen Queen, Forged Knight, Hallowed Spirit, Jaded Myth, Slayers Lancer,” and “Curse of the Awaken.”

Biast12, another well-known Apex Legends leaker and data miner, notes that code was found (courtesy of @Empty_Energy1) for an unreleased Music Pack. One is called “Boosted” and the other is called “Aftermath.”

As usual, take all these leaks with a grain of salt. No official confirmation has been provided by Respawn Entertainment, and data mines have found stuff before that was said to be implemented in the current season but actually wasn’t until later seasons. As usual, patience is a virtue.

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