Days Gone: Rogue Camp Infestation Guide

In Days Gone, Deacon will often find areas that are overrun by Freaks — these are referred to as Infestation Nests. These infestations can be challenging, but they reward you with XP, Trust, and the ability to fast travel along different routes.

Deacon will first encounter Rogue Camp whilst searching for Lisa in Lost Lake. Upon arrival, he will note that there are nests in the area. Here’s everything you need to know to destroy the infestation nests at Rogue Camp.

Rogue Camp Infestation Nest Locations

There are six nests spread across the Rogue Camp area. They are far apart, so use your bike to travel between them. Make sure you preserve fuel so that you don’t get stuck in a dangerous situation without your bike.

Rogue Camp Nest #1-3

The first three nests that you will find in Rogue Camp are bunched together in a Peltro station. It’s an extremely dangerous area because freaks will crawl out of all of the nests when you start shooting. Be prepared for a fight.

The first nest is on the ground floor, whilst another lies in a room upstairs. The third is actually in a truck in the parking lot. Look in the open back to find the nest.

Rogue Camp Nest #4

You will find another nest in an old farmhouse in Rogue Camp. As you cross the bridge surrounded by fallen trees and debris, you will see a house with a destroyed truck. The nest is inside the house.

Rogue Camp Nest #5

The fifth nest in Rogue Camp is located in Dizzy’s Café, which is found in the East of the town.

Rogue Camp Nest #6

The final nest is found on the Southern edge of Rogue Camp. The house is notable as there are two police cars that Deacon can loot for ammo outside.

Rogue Camp Survival Tips

Rogue Camp is an extremely dangerous area, as there is a large horde that roams the area. If you clear these infestations at night, the horde will be attracted to all the gunfire and descend on your location.

With this in mind, it is best to come to Rogue Camp prepared. Bring explosive traps like proximity mines, as well as some attractor bombs to distract the horde if it starts chasing you.

At this point in the game, you should also have access to a saddlebag upgrade for your bike, which lets you store ammo to use when exploring. Get the saddlebag so you can restock ammo if you need to during a fight. If you can’t get the saddlebag, the police cars near the final nest will contain enough ammo to keep you alive.

When clearing the fourth nest, look in the garage attached to the building to find kerosene and rags, which are necessary to craft Molotovs.

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