Destiny 2 Dawning 2021 Guide – New Recipes, Upgrades, And The Best Dawning Weapon Rolls

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  • How The Dawning Works
  • What's New This Year
  • Eva's Holiday Oven, Recipes, And Essence Of Dawning
  • Obtaining Dawning Ingredients And Spirit
  • Snowballs And Upgrades
  • Dawning 2021 Rewards
  • Dawning 2021 Quests
  • Every Dawning Recipe
  • The Best Rolls For The 2021 Dawning Weapons

Destiny 2's winter holiday event, The Dawning, is here. Guardians can turn the remains of their foes into delicious treats to earn resources and new weapons. This year added a new Stasis Sword and cosmetics for players to chase, giving new and returning Guardians a reason to join the festivities.

Compared to previous years, The Dawning hasn't seen many changes. Snowballs have finally returned, infused with the power of Stasis to freeze and shatter your foes. New upgrades from Eva also make target-farming for loot much easier. This guide will cover every aspect of 2021's Dawning event, ranging from treat recipes to the best rolls you can obtain with this year's set of Dawning weapons.

How The Dawning Works

The Dawning is a holiday event that runs from December 14th to January 4th. Everyone's favorite loot-giving grandma, Eva Levante, wants to inject some holiday cheer by having Guardians create festive treats for various NPCs. By using Eva's Holiday Oven, you'll be able to convert resources dropped by slain enemies into treats, allowing you to earn gifts that contain Masterwork materials, planetary resources, and even new weapons.

Compared to other events, the Dawning is one of Destiny's most generous events. Just about every enemy you'll kill will drop some ingredient you can use in Eva's Holiday Oven which you can then use to earn rewards. Making treats is relatively easy, and the rewards you receive from doing so are fantastic for newer players or veteran Guardians looking to stockpile resources for The Witch Queen expansion.

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What's New This Year

  • Snowballs are back – Returning from the very first Dawning event, you can find Snowballs scattered across Europa and the weekly Nightfall strike (excluding Grandmaster Nightfalls).
    • They release a burst of Stasis on impact, shattering enemies on hit while freezing nearby foes.
    • You can purchase upgrades for Snowballs from Eva Levante.
  • Two quests were added – Eva will give two quests after her introduction quest, allowing you to obtain a Dawning-themed shader and the new Zephyr Sword.
  • A new Stasis Sword is available – Named Zephyr, this Sword can roll with Cold Steel, causing your heavy Sword swings to inflict Stasis. Dawning Gifts have a small chance of dropping this Sword.
    • You must complete a Dawning Quest before the weapon is available.
    • Dawning weapons have refreshed perk pools – We talk about this more in-depth in our Best Rolls section. Glacioclasm, Cold Front, and Avalanche now have new perks to chase.
    • Two recipes were added – Ascendant Apple Tart and Timeless Starwort Thins can now be crafted in Eva's Holiday Oven.
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      Eva's Holiday Oven, Recipes, And Essence Of Dawning

      If you haven't played the Dawning before, this event is all about baking treats to earn rewards. To bake treats, you're going to need an oven, ingredients, and baking recipes.

      Eva's Holiday Oven

      When you first load into the Tower, Eva Levante will task you with baking a set of treats named Gjallardoodles for Zavala. You can do this by using Eva's Holiday Oven, an inventory item similar to the Splicer Gauntlet or Hammer of Proving. You can find the oven in the Quests tab. Inspect the oven to open the menu.

      In this menu, you'll be able to combine different resources to craft treats for vendors across Destiny 2's various destinations. Every recipe requires three things: an ingredient, a rare ingredient, and Essence of Dawning. Ingredients have a chance to drop from slain enemies, the type of ingredient determined by the enemy you killed and how they were slain. Essence of Dawning drops from various activites. We'll cover both resource types more in-depth in a minute. For now, place the ingredients Eva gave you into the oven to craft one set of Gjallardoodles.

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      Once you've crafted a treat for the Dawning, that will unlock the treat's respective recipe. You can hover over the recipes section of the Holiday Oven to see a list of every recipe you've discovered. You can craft treats directly from this menu to make duplicate treats quickly; there's no need to input all of the ingredients by hand once the recipe has been discovered. A complete list of recipes for 2021's Dawning event can be found here.

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      Essence Of Dawning

      Regardless of which treat you're trying to bake, you're going to need Essence of Dawning. This resource drops from the following sources:

      • Completing Activities
        • Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, seasonal activities, etc.
      • Eva Levante weekly bounties
      • It appears that Essence of Dawning no longer drops from Lost Sectors. The best farm for this resource is arguably Wrathborn Hunts, dropping 15 Essence a clear. Each hunt takes a minute at most to finish, so this is a relatively quick way of getting enough Essence to make a few treats. Snowballs spawn in Wrathborn Hunts too, perfect for completing one of Eva's weekly bounties.

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        Masterworking Eva's Holiday Oven

        When you've uncovered every recipe for the oven, you'll be able to Masterwork the Holiday Oven. Masterworking the oven will reduce the Essence of Dawning cost for all ingredients from 15 to 10.

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        Obtaining Dawning Ingredients And Spirit

        You won't be able to make any treats without ingredients, and you won't be able to target farm Dawning weapons without Dawning Spirit. Let's quickly go over how you can obtain both resource types.

        How To Farm Dawning Ingredients

        Dawning ingredients drop from just about every slain enemy, although the type of ingredient that drops will depend on what the enemy type is and what weapon you are using. If you need a kickstart of ingredients, hop into dense Lost Sectors like the Tangled Shore's Kingship Dock or Europa's Perdition. Popular kill farms—such as the Thrall hallway in the Shattered Throne dungeon or the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid—are also great places to get a quick stockpile of ingredients.

        If you don't want to specifically farm for ingredients, complete bounties from Eva Levante. Each bounty gives a random ingredient type and Dawning Spirit. Ultimately, as long as you're actively playing Destiny 2, ingredients shouldn't be an issue.

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        Every Dawning Ingredient Source

        Ingredient Source
        Balanced Flavors Kills with Bows, Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Pulse Rifles
        Bullet Spray Kills with Auto Rifles, SMGs, and Machine Guns.
        Cabal Oil Cabal enemies
        Chitin Powder Hive enemies
        Dark Ether Cane Scorn enemies
        Dark Frosting Stasis kills
        Delicious Explosion AoE kills (grenades, grenade launchers, rocket launchers)
        Electric Flavor Arc kills
        Ether Cane Fallen enemies
        Finishing Touch Finisher kills
        Flash of Inspiration Generate Orbs of Power
        Impossible Heat Solar kills
        Multifaceted Flavors Multikills
        Null Taste Void kills
        Perfect Taste Precision kills
        Personal Touch Melee kills
        Pinch of Light Collect Orbs of Power
        Sharp Flavor Sword kills
        Superb Texture Super kills
        Taken Butter Taken enemies
        Vex Milk Vex enemies

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        How To Farm Dawning Spirit

        Dawning Spirit drops from three sources:

        1. Giving treats to vendors.
        2. Completing Eva Levante's bounties.
        3. Completing an activity while the Boon of Friendship consumable is active.

        You'll want to purchase every bounty from Eva before you start playing this event to maximize your Dawning Spirit earnings. Beyond that, just remember to turn your ingredients into treats whenever you have time. The Boon of Friendship is a consumable added this year that will drop a Dawning Spirit for all fireteam members upon activity completion. Eva Levante gives you one Boon of Friendship every day.

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        Snowballs And Upgrades

        Snowballs are back. Returning from the first-ever Destiny 2 Dawning event, Guardians can find snowball piles scattered across Europa and certain playlist activities. While holding a snowball, you can throw them at enemy AI to freeze them in Stasis. They deal solid damage as well, destroying most red bar enemies in a single throw. They won't spawn in Grandmaster Nightfalls or PvP, but for easier Nightfalls and seasonal activities like Wrathborn Hunts, these are a fun way to clear out waves of enemies.

        Snowball Upgrades

        Eva Levante sells five different upgrades for snowballs, increasing their effectiveness in combat. Each upgrade costs 20 Dawning Spirit.

        Upgrade Effect
        Long Winter Increases the duration of slow effects applied by snowballs.
        Longer Winter Increases the number of slow effects applied to combatants damage by snowballs.
        Longest Winter Snowballs instantly freeze combatants damaged by them.
        Stay Frosty Snowballs leave a Stasis mine on impact.
        Gift That Keeps On Giving Shattering frozen combatants causes them to drop snowballs.

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        Dawning 2021 Rewards

        Turning in treats and completing activities will grant Dawning Gifts, packages that contain Dawning-themed weapons, Masterwork materials, and planetary resources. There are four weapons tied to the Dawning, three of which are returning from previous years with refreshed perk pools.

        Beyond that, players can also earn an Exotic Ship by completing this year's Dawning quests. Moments of Triumph, an event tied to Triumphs that launched alongside the Dawning, also has a Sparrow and Ghost Shell you can earn. Finally, Eva Levante can sell packages to let you target-farm certain Dawning weapons. Upgrades can be purchased from Eva that increase your odds of obtaining the weapon and rolls you want.

        Dawning 2021 Weapons

        Weapon Archetype Notes

        Machine Gun


        Has excellent aim assist and range.
        Cold Denial



        Has horrible recoil, but deals high damage per bullet.

        Fusion Rifle


        Can roll with Reservoir Burst and Subsistence.



        Can roll with a Stasis perk, letting the Sword inflict Slow with each swing.

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        Dawning 2021 Upgrades

        Note: Each upgrade costs 40 Dawning Spirit.
        Merrymaker Receive a Boon of Friendship each day from Eva Levante.
        Bountiful Harvest Dawning bounties reward an additional random ingredient.
        Essential Harvest Dawning bounties reward a small amount of Dawning Essence.
        Perky Presents During Dawning 2021, Dawning weapons have a chance to drop with an additional perk in the left column.
        Perkier Presents During Dawning 2021, Dawning weapons have a chance to drop with an additional perk in the right column.

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        Gifts Of Dawning Presents

        Note: Each present costs 5 Dawning Spirt and a Dawning Gift.
        Unity Gift Exchange Grants either the Glacioclasm Fusion Rifle or the Avalance Machine Gun.
        Edgy Gift Exchange Grants either the Zephyr Sword or the Cold Front Submachine Gun.

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        Dawning 2021 Vanity Items

        Vapoorwill Spin Exotic Ship
        Fractic Spiral Exotic 160 Sparrow
        Elegant Guard Shell Exotic Ghost Shell

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        Dawning 2021 Quests

        This year's Dawning features three quests for players to complete, one of which gives you the new Zephyr Stasis Sword.

        The Dawning Begins

        This quest is given to you at the start of the event. There are five steps:

        1. Use Eva's Holiday Oven to bake Gjallardoodles.
        2. Deliver the treat to Zavala.
        3. Speak with Eva Levante.
        4. Purchase an upgrade from Eva Levante.
        5. Return to Eva Levante.

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        The Pigeon Provides

        Speak to Eva Levante after finishing the intro Dawning quest to start The Pigeon Provides. Completing this quest unlocks the Zephyr Sword and Polycarbon Powder shader.

        1. Complete "The Lost Splicer" quest on Europa.
        2. Speak with Saint-14.
        3. Track down the Eliksni Recipe in Eventide Ruins on Europa.
        4. Track down ingredients for the recipe.
          • 5 Glacial Stalwort collected
          • 10 Harpy Eggs
          • 3 Pure Ether Extract (Lost Sector completions)
        5. Obtain 15 Dawning Spirit.
        6. Track down ingredients for Swaddled Etherdips.
          • 1 Kellsdough from the Spider
          • 5 Etheric Spiral collected
        7. Return to Saint-14.
        8. Deliver the treats to the Eliksni of House Light.
        9. Return to Saint-14.
        10. Speak to Eva Levante.

        To finish step #4 quickly, farm the Perdition Lost Sector on Europa. For tracking down Glacial Stalwort and Etheric Spirals, use the Wombo Detector Ghost Shell mod.

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        Rite Of Dawning

        Rite of Dawning is unlocked after completing the introductory Dawning quest from Eva. Completing this quest unlocks the Malibeaux Bronze shader and From the Ashes emblem.

        1. Speak to Zavala.
        2. Clear the Firebase Hades Lost Sector in the EDZ.
        3. Clear the Pathfinder's Crash Lost Sector in the EDZ. Also, defeat 25 Cabal in the EDZ.
        4. Complete The Arms Dealer strike in the EDZ.
        5. Bake and deliver Dark Chocolate Motes to the Drifter in the Tower.
          • 1 Taken Butter
          • 1 Null Taste
        6. Return to the Drifter.
        7. Return to Zavala.
        8. Complete the Proving Grounds strike.
        9. Talk to Zavala.
        10. Speak with Eva Levante.

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        Every Dawning Recipe

        Note: Each recipe costs 1 of each listed resource plus 15 Dawning Essence—10 if your oven is Masterworked.
        2021 New Recipes
        Recipe Vendor Ingredients
        Starwort Thins Exo Stranger (Europa)
        • Dark Ether Cane
        • Dark Frosting
        Ascendant Apple Tart Mara Sov (H.E.L.M.)
        • Taken Butter
        • Sharp Flavor
        Remaining Recipes
        Recipe Vendor Ingredients



        • Etheric Cane
        • Delicious Explosion
        Traveler Donut Holes

        Ikora Rey


        • Cabal Oil
        • Flash of Inspiration
        Chocolate Ship Cookies

        Amanda Holiday


        • Cabal Oil
        • Null Taste
        Telemetry Tapioca



        • Vex Milk
        • Bullet Spray
        Eliksni Birdseed



        • Ether Cane
        • Personal Touch
        Gentleman's Shortbread

        Devrim Kay


        • Ether Cane
        • Perfect Taste
        Infinite Forest Cake



        • Vex Milk
        • Impossible Heat
        Vanilla Blades



        • Cabal Oil
        • Sharp Flavor
        Dark Chocolate Motes



        • Taken Butter
        • Null Taste
        Ill-Fortune Cookies

        Petra Venj

        (Dreaming City)

        • Dark Ether Cane
        • Impossible Heat
        Strange Cookies


        (Treasure Hoard)

        • Taken Butter
        • Electric Flavor
        Lavender Ribbon Cookies



        • Vex Milk
        • Personal Touch
        Hot Crossfire Buns



        • Ether Cane
        • Balanced Flavors
        Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

        Eris Morn


        • Chitin Powder
        • Finishing Touch
        Etheric Coldsnaps



        • Chitin Powder
        • Electric Flavor
        Blueberry Crumbles

        Shaw Han


        • Ether Cane
        • Bullet Spray
        Bittersweet Biscotti



        • Dark Ether Cane
        • Balanced Flavors
        Bright-Dusted Snowballs

        Tess Everis


        • Chitin Powder
        • Multifaceted Flavors
        Classic Butter Cookies

        Eva Levante


        • Taken Butter
        • Superb Texture

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        The Best Rolls For The 2021 Dawning Weapons

        There are four weapons to farm in this year's Dawning: Avalanche, Cold Front, Glacioclasm, and the new Zephyr Sword. Let's look at which rolls are the best of the bunch.

        Avalanche Best Roll

        Avalance is one of the only Machine Guns in Destiny 2 that can roll with Subsistence, making this weapon an add-clearing machine when coupled with a damage perk. For PvE, you're looking for any damage perk in the second column, preferably Swashbuckler or the recently-reworked Adrenaline Junkie.

        For PvP, consistency is what you'll want. Opt for a scope with good range and zoom (SPO-28 Front being a great choice), Surplus for an absurd boost to stability and handling, and Tap the Trigger to keep the gun stable when burst fired.

        PvE Best Roll
        Barrel Magazine Trait 1 Trait 2
        Preference Extended Mag Subsistence Swashbuckler / Adrenaline Junkie
        PvP Best Roll
        Barrel Magazine Trait 1 Trait 2
        SPO-28 Front Ricochet Rounds Surplus Tap the Trigger

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        Cold Front Best Roll

        Cold Front's base stats are abysmal, featuring a pitiful stability stat of 16 and reload stat of 27. Regardless of game type, you'll want Surplus to significantly boost your reload, stability, and handling stats. If you hate Surplus, Dynamic Sway Reduction is a solid replacement.

        For PvE, you'll want a good damage perk. Just about every good damage perk rolls on Cold Front, so this will boil down to preference. We like One for All, Rampage, and Swashbuckler on this gun. For PvP, Harmony is a fantastic option for an SMG like this, granting a 20% damage boost when your other weapons kill a Guardian. Land a headshot with a Shotgun or a Sniper Rifle, then swap to Cold Front to enjoy a seven-second damage buff.

        PvE Best Roll
        Barrel Magazine Trait 1 Trait 2
        Smallbore Flared Magwell Surplus Rampage / Swashbuckler / One for All
        PvP Best Roll
        Barrel Magazine Trait 1 Trait 2
        Extended Barrel / Smallbore Accurized Rounds Surplus Harmony

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        Glacioclasm Best Roll

        High-Impact Fusion Rifles haven't been too hot since their rework in Season of the Lost. With that said, Glacioclasm is really special. It's the only Fusion Rifle that can roll with Subsistence and Reservoir Burst, allowing it to auto-reload itself with each Reservoir Burst kill and reactivate that perk. For PvE, that's what you're aiming for.

        Crucible players might want to skip this weapon altogether and farm for a good Cartesian Coordinate or Plug One instead. If you really want to make this weapon work, keep an eye out for Under Pressure and either Backup Mag or High-Impact Reserves.

        PvE Best Roll
        Barrel Magazine Trait 1 Trait 2
        Preference Preference Subsistence Reservoir Burst
        PvP Best Roll
        Barrel Magazine Trait 1 Trait 2
        Arrowhead Brake / Smallbore Particle Repeater Under Pressure High-Impact Reserves

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        Zephyr Best Roll

        Zephyr can roll with two new perks: Duelist's Trance and Cold Steel. Duelist's Trance enhances charge rate, efficiency, and defense after landing a kill with your Sword. It's a great column one choice that can replace Tireless Blade or Relentless Strikes. For column two, Assassin's Blade or Whirlwind Blade is still worth using over the new Cold Steel perk—slowing targets with each heavy attack.

        Best Roll
        Barrel Magazine Trait 1 Trait 2
        Preference Balanced Guard Duelist's Trance / Relentless Strikes Assassin's Balde / Whirlwind Blade

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