Destiny 2: How To Gild The Deadeye Title

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Destiny 2 introduced two new titles in Season of the Lost: Realmwalker and Deadeye. Deadeye serves as another seasonal title you can farm and gild. But unlike other gilded titles, Deadeye revolves around more than a single ritual playlist. This title is all about mastering all of Destiny 2's weapon archetypes.

Gilding the Deadeye title is surprisingly easy in Season of the Lost. You'll need to obtain the Ascendancy Rocket Launcher, delve into each ritual playlist, and defeat enemies with Rocket Launchers to gild this title. Compared to gilding Flawless or Conqueror, that's a fairly mild ask. Let's go over each Triumph tied to gilding the Deadeye title in Destiny 2's Season of the Risen.

Updated May 5th, 2022, by Charles Burgar: Deadeye has seen new gilding Triumphs in Season of the Risen, most of them shifting away from Rocket Launchers to Shotguns. We've updated this guide to include Season of the Risen's Triumphs, and we've made some slight organizational tweaks to make this article easier to navigate.

Weapon Flair

Weapon Flair: Get precision final blows and rapidly defeat combatants at point-blank range while using any weapon in Gambit.


  • Land 100 precision final blows in Gambit.
  • Achieve 5 point-blank multikills in Gambit.

The kills tied to Weapon Flair can be on PvE Gambit enemies or Invaders. We recommend using Hand Cannons, Scout Rifles, or Sniper Rifles for the first objective. Focus on using your Primary against the PvE enemies, then swap to your Sniper Rifle when an Invader appears. If you're struggling to kill other Guardians, a Linear Fusion Rifle can do wonders.

As for the second objective, you can't go wrong with a Fusion Rifle or Shotgun. Rapid-Fire Fusion Rifles are fantastic this season and can output some serious damage. If you don't have a good one, craft a Likely Suspect roll from The Enclave.

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Weapon Focus

Weapon Focus: In Nightfall strikes, accumulate weapon final blows and precision weapon final blows without dying.


  • Land 100 weapon final blows in Nightfalls.
  • Land 50 precision final blows in Nightfalls.

Dying at all will reset your progress. Luckily, you can play Nightfalls on any difficulty to complete this Triumph. Queue up the easiest Nightfall to get this done. Use a Pulse Rifle or Hand Cannon to make the precision final blows easier.

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Three Birds, Three Stones

Three Birds, Three Stones: In Crucible, defeat opponents with a Kinetic weapon, an Energy weapon, and a Power weapon.


  • In 5 separate games, get a kill with your Kinetic, Energy, and Heavy weapon.

This Triumph's wording isn't the best. It's asking you to land a kill with each weapon in your loadout for five separate PvP matches. Landing a Kinetic and Energy kill is rather easy, but you'll need Heavy ammo to get Heavy weapon kills. Gjallarhorn and Linear Fusion Rifles work best for this. If you're willing to wait, Momentum Control and Mayhem are solid modes for completing this objective. Keep an eye on the weekly rotating playlist.

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Ritual Of The Season

Ritual of the Season: In Ritual playlist activities, rapidly defeat opponents with weapons matching the archetype of the current Seasonal Legendary weapon. Defeating Guardians grants more progress.


  • Kill 50 enemies with Shotguns.

Season of the Risen's ritual weapon is a Shotgun called Reckless Endangerment. For this challenge, you need to land 50 final blows with any Shotgun, not just Reckless Endangerment. Kill farms—such as Shuro Chi and the Thrall hallway in Shattered Throne—are best for getting this done quickly. You can also use the secondary effect on the Heavy Handed mod to generate Shotgun ammo on each kill while surrounded.

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Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings: Get final blows with this Season's Legendary quest weapon.


  • Defeat 500 enemies with Reckless Endangerment.

Unlike the last challenge, you'll need to kill 500 enemies with Reckless Endangerment only; no other Shotgun grants progress. Once again, you'll want to boot up a kill farm for this. Shuro Chi is a solid one that lets you restock on ammo between each run. Equip some Shotgun scavenger and finder mods, use Heavy Handed's secondary effect if you own it, and prepare to kill hundreds of Thrall for the next hour or so.

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