Destruction AllStars: Hidden Trophies And How To Earn Them

Destruction AllStars has finally launched on PlayStation 5. What was originally slated as a $70 launch title is now available to all PlayStation Plus subscribers free of charge. As a reintroduction to the demolition derby genre, players can smash, crash and crush the competition on the road to glory.

As with any PlayStation title, there are a handful of trophies that hunters will have to track down in search of the elusive Platinum. There are sixteen hidden trophies-one for each AllStar; the hunt for these rewards requires skill and patience to unlock this time around, as they all have to be earned against other players.


Destruction AllStars’ first hidden trophy is Ghost. Players will have to take control of Shyft. They’ll have to deal 100 damage in Cypher, Shyft’s Hero Vehicle Ability during a match. It’s also integral to do so without taking damage in the process. Using invisibility to dart in and attack quickly is key here. Be patient and wait for unsuspecting players to leave themselves open.


To unlock Ultimo’s hidden trophy, players will have to block 100 Damage with a single use of The Undisputed’s Shield. With a substantial activation time, the shield makes negates any front-facing damage. Try to catch unsuspecting racers off guard while watching your sides, as they are still susceptible to damage.


Muna’s trophy is Stronghold. This requires players to keep a full Gravitron Shield for five seconds. Muna’s shield is charged by absorbing debris around the arena. Smashing other cars is the best way to stockpile the Shield’s meter. Keep dealing damage to keep it filled. Eventually, the trophy will pop.


Hana’s Bullet trophy tasks players with slicing two enemy vehicles with her Sabre Breaker’s single-use. Hana’s Breaker eviscerates cars up close, especially after gaining speed. Try to line up several adversaries before activating this ability to give yourself enough time to get up to ramming speed.


Fuego’s Flamethrower asks players to set an entire enemy team on fire using Cerberus. Fuego’s Breaker is long-lasting, so this trophy isn’t too difficult. Get a solid hit on each enemy before moving on to the next. Because his Breaker engulfs his car in flames, only a bit of contact is needed to light them on fire.

Flame On

Flame On asks players to use Lupita’s Hero Vehicle Breaker, Wildfire, to Light three enemies on fire at once. This is one of the easiest trophies, as anyone who touches Wildfire’s flame trial will ignite. Use this ability in crowds of people to unlock it with ease. Just keep moving, as holding still with the power will burn Lupita as well.

Pitch Perfect

To get Harmony’s Pitch Perfect trophy, players need to wreck three enemies with her Hero Vehicle’s ability CRASHendo in a single online match. The best place to unlock this ability is in the team game mode, Carnado. Enemies often congregate around the center of the map. Wait near the Carnado for oblivious players and unleash this offensive ability when they get close.

Home Run

Twinkle Riot’s Home Run trophy asks those controlling her to wreck three enemies in a single use of Mr. Sparkles’ Breaker. Mr. Sparkles’ breaker functions on a rage meter, the more damage it does, the higher its output. Consistently hitting other players will make getting Wrecks easier. Because consistent wear is important, it is best to head to Mayhem, where there are no friendlies to avoid and a sea of enemies to crash into.

Hit List

Grabbing the Hit List trophy for Xander is only possible after players take out three targets with a single use of Xero’s X-ray. This is actually far easier than it sounds. Xero’s X-ray ability allows him to choose targets at will, dolling out increased damage to the selected targets. This breaker lasts quite a while, so players will have plenty of time to snag this trophy, especially on maps like Las Vegas.

Ultimate Precision

Grabbing Angelo’s Ultimate Precision trophy is only possible after taking out three targets with a single use of Number One’s Lock On. This is largely similar to Xander’s achievement, so pick and choose targets carefully, focusing on one at a time.

No Escape

One of the most difficult hidden trophies to get is No Escape. Players have to use Ratu’s and wreck all enemies with Barong’s Breaker. Because every enemy has to be beaten with this ability, team games are the favorable option here. Try to tackle this trophy on one of the game’s smaller maps, like Las Vegas, as Barong’s breaker has a sizable range that is great in claustrophobic situations.

Chewed Up

Bluefang’s trophy requires that he wreck three enemies with a single use of Shredder’s Breaker. Because Bluefang has the most powerful Hero Vehicle in the game, grabbing this trophy really requires the right opportunity. Bluefang needs only tough his adversaries’ cars with his front blades to wreck them when his breaker is active. Head over to Mayhem to make this simple trophy even easier.


Jian’s trophy is very similar to other attack based achievements. He’ll need to impale three vehicles at once while his Morningstar’s Breaker is active. Morningstar’s spikes reach farther when first activated, so find a group of people and unleash it for the best chance of trapping multiple opponents. Try Mayhem if you’re struggling to unlock this trophy.

Instant Service

The Instant Service trophy will see Boxtop attach drones to three enemies at once with The Boxmobile. He’ll need to ram enemies while his Vehicle Breaker is active to stick drones to them. Try to sit several cars in quick succession to attach drones, as they’ll eventually explode. They’ll all need to be active for this challenge.

Party Animal

For Sgt. Rescue, players must smoke three enemies with the Smoke Commander’s breaker active. Once they hit a vehicle with Smoke Commander’s breaker, they’ll be blinded by smoke, do this three times before the breaker expires, and this trophy is yours.

Terminal Velocity

The game’s easiest hidden trophy belongs to Genesis. Just reach 135 MPH with Callisto, her Hero Vehicle. To do this, use Callisto’s Breaker and drive around the arena. If players don’t hit any obstacles, they’ll unlock this with ease.

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