Dragon Age: 10 Best Dragons

Dragon Age is a series that begins in a world with very few actual dragons, funnily enough, so the choice of name may seem confusing. But as the games progress, it becomes obvious that there is a resurgence on the horizon and these majestic beasts that were thought gone are coming back in a big way.

10 Fereldan Frostback

One of the more pedestrian-looking dragons in Inquisition's roster of winged beasts, the Frostback is found in the Hinterlands fairly early on and is the weakest dragon in the game.

Bearing little appearance to the High Dragons from the previous two games, the Fereldan Frostback will make light work of under-prepared Inquisitors using its fearsome fire attacks and can even receive help from its young. It's a perfect introductory dragon and but a brief glimpse of things to come for those who fancy themselves dragon slayers.

9 Sandy Howler

The Sandy Howler is one of Inquisition's most powerful enemies full-stop and can totally devastate the most experienced of players. Found in the Hissing Wastes, the Howler also specializes in using flame-based attacks and is therefore somewhat vulnerable to the ice element.

8 Kaltenzahn

The second strongest dragon in Inquisition outside of the DLC, the Kaltenzahn is almost serpentine in appearance and has no horns to speak of. Access to the dragon is not possible without restoring Judicael's Crossing at the Skyhold war table – after doing so, the Inquisitor can head to Judicael's Ring in Emprise du Lion to tackle the beast.

The Kaltenzahn uses a variety of cold-based attacks and is resistant to them as a result, but fire should do some well-needed extra damage. Still, she is a formidable enemy and can call forth dragonlings to assist her, so caution is advised across the board.

7 Abyssal High Dragon

Located in the Wastes area of the Western Approach, the Abyssal High Dragon is a frightening creature with a penchant for breathing fire. With twisted black horns that point upwards and dark scales all over, even a glimpse of the creature is enough to make your heart sink.

Despite the fact that it is one of Inquisition's weakest dragons, it is still very capable of wiping out your party and should be treated with respect.

6 High Dragon (Dragon Age 2)

During Dragon Age 2, a single dragon can be found in the Bone Pit after the point in the story where the Qunari are dealt with. It is the only dragon in the game and it makes sure you know that, putting up a hell of a fight during its brief appearance.

5 Highland Ravager

As if the name doesn't give it away, the Highland Ravager is the most dangerous dragon in base Inquisition and it has no problem taking down Inquisitors of any level. According to Dragon Age: The World Of Thedas Volume 2, Ravagers are particularly notorious for their catastrophic rampages across the continent. That's not at all hard to believe, given what the Highland Ravager is capable of.

Like the Kaltenzahn, Judicael's Crossing must be restored in order to gain access to the Ravager, after which she can be challenged. It is always a fight to remember, though it's safe to say she doesn't go down easy.

4 Hakkon Wintersbreath

Hakkon himself is actually one of the three main Avvar gods, and a god of war at that, meaning he is not strictly a dragon in the traditional sense, but he has been bound to the body of an ancient dragon that serves as his vessel during the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Inquisition. Unsurprisingly, this means that he is quite the formidable opponent, with the game classifying him as a whopping Level 25 enemy.

Found in the Frostback Basin, Hakkon naturally uses the ice element for all of his attacks and weapons sharing the same element will be of little to no use against him. To make matters worse, he can summon several demons called Frosted Gibbering Horrors to help him. There's only one thing to be said to players heading into the fight with him; good luck.

3 Red Lyrium Dragon

This twisted creature that serves Corypheus will make its first appearance during the attack on Haven, joined by its menacing master. Because of its horrific, morbid features and the fact that it is accompanied by Corypheus, who is technically a form of Darkspawn, the game's characters speculate that it might be an Archdemon that has come to usher in another Blight. However, it is revealed that it is simply a generic High Dragon that Corypheus has infected with Red Lyrium so that it will do his bidding.

2 Ataashi

During Inquisition's Trespasser DLC, the Inquisitor comes across an imprisoned dragon called Ataashi that the Ben-Hassrath have restrained. Unusually, she seems to be able to breathe poison instead of the other elements normally used by dragons, a fact which caused the Ben-Hassrath to confine her within the Darvaarad and use her poison to create the Qunari explosive powder known as Gaatlok.

She can be fought in a grueling battle, but the Inquisitor can also make the decision to release her instead, after which she will lay waste to her captors and make her escape. She is also tied with Hakkon as the most powerful dragon in Inquisition.

1 High Dragon (Dragon Age: Origins)

During the Warden's quest to put an end to the Blight in Dragon Age: Origins, they come across a cult near Haven dedicated to the worship of a High Dragon that has appeared, the first of its kind in an age. Believing it to be the reincarnation of Andraste, they ask the Warden to join them in their heresy and request that they corrupt the ashes of Andraste by pouring the dragon's blood on them.

Unlike the quest, the fight can be avoided altogether, but denying the cult affords players the opportunity to take on the beast if they wish. It is one of the game's most difficult fights, owing to the fact that it is chronologically the first dragon players can fight in the series, and it is sure to give an adrenaline rush like no other.

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