Elden Ring: How To Activate Malenia’s Great Rune

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Defeating a Shardbearer in Elden Ring is a huge undertaking, but doing so will reward you with that Shardbearer's Great Rune, a special item that will bestow powerful effects. However, before you can use the power of the Great Rune, you will first need to activate it at a Divine Tower.

Divine Towers can be found around the Lands Between, and are often hidden in some way. If you're looking to activate Malenia's Great Rune, this guide will help. Let's take a look at where to activate Malenia's Great Rune, and two methods for getting there.

How To Activate Malenia's Great Rune

Malenia, the Shardbearer located in Miquella's Haligtree, has a powerful Great Rune that can be a bit tricky to activate. Malenia's Great Rune is activated at the Isolated Divine Tower near Leyndell. After locating the tower and climbing to the peak, you can activate Malenia's Great Rune at the dead Two Fingers.

How To Find The Isolated Divine Tower

From the Fortified Manor Site of Grace, exit the first door on the right to the courtyard hall with Abductor enemies roaming around. Turn left into the courtyard, then continue straight to the opening ahead. Run up to the lever and activate it to turn the lift on, bringing you to the bridge above. At the top, continue forward until you reach the Divine Bridge Site of Grace.

After the Grace, continue forward and quickly turn to the left towards the waygate, avoiding or killing the Golem that will wake up. Activate the waygate to be teleported to the Isolated Divine Tower. Then, simply take the elevator up to the top and activate Malenia's Great Rune.

Alternate Route

There is an alternate path you can take to get to the Isolated Divine Tower. If you have progressed in the story to the point where Leyndell has become the Ashen Capital, this alternate path is the only way to get to the Isolated Divine Tower.

To do this, you will need to take a teleport from the Tower of Return in the Weeping Peninsula. To get there, start from the Isolated Merchant's Shack in the Weeping Peninsula. Then, continue southwest along the path until you come across a group of soldiers. Defeat them, then climb the ladder to the top of the crumbling tower. At the tower, open the chest to be ensnared in a teleport trap, which will warp you right in front of the Divine Bridge Sit of Grace. The rest of the path to the Divine Tower is unchanged from before.

What Does Malenia's Great Rune Do?

Now that you have Malenia's Great Rune activated, you may be wondering what it does. Malenia's Great Rune works a little differently than other Great Runes you may have acquired. Rather than providing a stat bonus, Malenia's Great Rune will allow you to heal slightly from attacks after taking damage.

When you are attacked, you will have a five second window in which your attacks against an enemy will restore your health slightly. However, this comes at the cost of reducing the amount of health restored by the Flask of Crimson Tears, and healing Incantations are also less effective.

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