Elden Ring: How To Defeat Miranda The Blighted Bloom

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Elden Ring encourages you to go explore its vast map, with lands stretching as far as the eye can see. You'll notice that there are numerous catacombs and caves dotted about The Lands Between, littered with enemies and bosses perfect for rune-farming.

In the southernmost end of the map in the Weeping Peninsula, an easily missable cave hosts the Empress of all poisonous flowers; Miranda, the Blighted Bloom. It's quite challenging to deal with her and her babies when you're being choked by poison mist, but defeating Miranda isn't impossible. Here's what you'll need to do.

Miranda, The Blighted Bloom Overview

Miranda the Blighted Bloom Overview
Location Tombsward Cave, Weeping Peninsula
Optional Yes
Summons Spirit Ashes
  • 2,100 Runes
  • Viridian Amber Medallion
Weak to
  • Fire Attacks
  • Physical Attacks

The annoying part of fighting Miranda the Blighted Bloom is her ability to inflict poison damage, which can one-shot you if you're not careful. Although summoning Spirits such as the Lone Wolf Ashes can help immensely with both Miranda and the baby flowers, you can still battle Miranda alone.

However, make sure you have some Neutralising Boluses handy to negate poison buildup. As for weapons, a +3 upgrade should be sufficient, since you hang around the boss for too long and will need to get in some immense damage quickly. Since Miranda is weak to fire attacks, have flame spells ready if you're playing as a sorcerer.

Miranda, The Blighted Bloom Attacks

Aside from poison attacks, Miranda has other tricks up her sleeve. She sends her army of baby flowers after you, and they release poison mists of their own, so it's best to use Spirit Ashes to prevent you from getting overwhelmed. Take note that Miranda also deals physical damage if you get too close. We'll give you a rundown of her attacks.

Miranda, The Blighted Bloom Attacks

Shower Of Light Attacks

One of the most notable and deadliest attacks is the AoE Shower of Light attack Miranda sends out. However, it's also very noticeable when she is about to perform this attack — Miranda will shoot up to the ceiling slowly, and shards of light will rise up from the ground. From the latter, you can gauge the area where the attack will hit, and it will rain down on you hard.

Counter: The only way to counter this is to dodge before the shower of light hits the ground.

Poison Mist Attack

As soon as you move close and attack the flower's base, Miranda's will release waves of poison mist. You can tell when she's about to do this, because her petals close up into a bulb and she shakes slightly. These clouds of poison can really exacerbate poison buildup and drain your HP fast.

Counter: Distance yourself as soon as possible, and have Neutralising Boluses on hand to negate poison buildup.

Overhead Slam Attack

Another attack Miranda enacts if you get too close is an overhead slam. Expect Miranda to pull this move out of nowhere in your direction; it's hard-hitting and deals quite a lot of damage.

Counter: Roll out of the way immediately, then set fire to her using a torch or a flame spell.


There are two ways to go about this fight. Although you could say this isn't the hardest boss battle there is in Elden Ring, it's still pretty irritating to deal with considering the poison mist. Whether you're a melee or ranged fighter, you will need different methods to put an end to this lethal flower and her brood of flower babies.

No matter if you're ranged or melee, don't forget to arm yourself with as many Neutralising Boluses as you can carry. Also, if you have 10 Faith, either build can use the Cure Poison spell to remove buildup.

Melee Strategy

If you're playing a melee build, then you're at a bit of a disadvantage compared to ranged fighters. Getting close makes you susceptible to poison buildup, so charging in and dealing a few hits before backing off is the best strategy. Make sure your weapon is sufficiently levelled to +3 to deal large amounts of damage, and summon Spirit Ashes such as Godrick Soldiers to ward off the baby flowers.

Bloodhound's Fang is a good option if you're playing with a greatsword. As for Dexterity weapons, the Uchigatana will serve you just as well. Arm yourself with a torch in your off-hand, since Miranda is very weak to fire damage. This will help you defeat her much more quickly.

Ranged Strategy

When you're playing as a ranged fighter against bosses like Miranda, that come with wide AoE attacks, you're in a much better position to avoid them. Although casting Glintstone Pebble or Shard works well, using fire spells such as Flame Sling is recommended for maximum damage. Don't forget to arm yourself with the Cure Poison spell before walking through the fog wall.

Also, in order not to be surrounded and overwhelmed by the flower babies, summon some Spirit Ashes to back you up while you deal with the big boss. Dodge the light shower when necessary, since it locks on to where you're standing.


  • Collect the ingredients for Neutralising Boluses and make as many of them as you can.
  • Purchase the Cure Poison spell from Brother Corhyn back at Roundtable Hold for backup.
  • Arm yourself with a torch or flame spell to inflict fire damage.
  • For melee builds, don't be greedy; deal a few hard hits before backing away.
  • Keep an eye on your poison meter at all times.
  • Summon Spirit Ashes that call upon multiple allies to deal with the baby flowers.

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