Elden Ring Players Have Started Confessing Their Worst Crimes

Elden Ring is a game that continously punishes its players, but that doesn't mean players can't dish out a bit of punishment themselves. In fact, some players take it a little bit too far on occasions, hacking down the handful of friendly faces you can encounter across The Lands Between, harming the adorable little jar boys, or worse yet, using Rivers of Blood in PvP. Elden Ring players have been sharing their worst sins on Reddit in the hope that their crimes are forgiven by the community.

We'll start off with some of the tamer examples, with one user confessing that they use online guides to complete side quests. Others have also confessed to using bleed builds and the Moonveil katana to easily sweep through the game's many challenges. Elden Ring is a difficult game and we all need a helping hand at some point. Not too bad so far.

Then we get to the aformentioned folks that get a bit too murder happy during their time in the world. Redditor SuspiciousInterest reveals that they murdered Kenneth Haight early on in their first playthrough for the Golden Seed he carries, only to have almost a dozen spare seeds towards the end of the game. Goldmasktheradient expressed regret at causing the death of Boc, and chaseinthyface chose violence on their first playthrough as they killed every possible NPC to make sure they didn't miss any items.

However, one user stands out from them all. HungrPhoenix describes their attempt to obtain the Great Turtle Shield, an item that is pretty much just a massive turtle shell that players can use as a shield. The item can be found in the Weeping Peninsula on top of some castle ramparts, but HungrPhoenix thought it was a rare drop from the turtles scattered across Limgrave. After hours of sensless slaughter, HungrPhoenix realised their mistake, one which surely will never be forgiven.

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