Elden Ring PSA: We Were Right, Caelid Is Way Harder Than Other Areas

"I knew it!" Say that out loud and slam your fists down on the table when you start reading this news post. Caelid is an area in Elden Ring's The Lands Between that many of us found ourselves in before even beating Margit. The blood-red sky was a hint we shouldn't be there, but we ignored it and suffered for it. It always felt much harder than other areas, but now we have concrete proof it was intended as a later game area.

Elden Ring and Dark Souls modder and dataminer king_bore_haha just revealed how enemy scaling in Elden Ring works. They explain that every enemy has low base stats, but these are scaled depending on what area of the game they're in.

In the list of areas they provide, the tutorial hole that many people missed has an enemy scaling of one. The middle of Limgrave, where you emerge into the world for the first time, has a scaling of two. So far, so good.

Other parts of Limgrave jump to three and four, and Stormveil Castle hits five. Notice how we haven't mentioned Caelid yet? South Liurnia is a seven, while North is an eight. West Caelid, the first part you're likely to enter, is a ten. Considering many of us stumbled in there as we were just exploring Limgrave, no wonder those T-Rex dogs were so tough – we were nowhere near ready for them.

South East Caelid is at an 11 for scaling, the same level as Altus Plateau, an area we'd all consider relatively late-game. North Caelid is 13, and apparently that's where the damage dealt by enemies jumps up massively.

This list is interesting because it gives us an idea of what order things are intended to be tackled in. Obviously, you can go in whatever order you want, but there's a clear intent here that can be followed on future playthroughs. So, if anyone ever tells you Caelid isn't that hard, show them this.

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