Elden Ring Streamer Beats Two Malenias Playing Two Copies Of Game On A Dance Pad

Elden Ring is a hard game, and you all love to make it even harder by completing runs with self-imposed rules. Some of these are well within the bounds of the game and make sense, while still being tough, like beating it without taking damage or levelling up, but some are just ridiculous. Streamer MissMikkaa has just beaten Malenia on two copies of the game at the same time while using a dance pad. Unreal.

MissMikkaa has been playing the game this way since mid-December, and she's gotten exceedingly good at it. In the clip below, you can see her head dart from screen to screen as she simultaneously keeps track of two Malenia fights. Malenia is widely regarded as the toughest boss in the game. She's also completely optional, so beating her this way is a true show of masochism.

During the fights, she very nearly dies on PS5 before managing to pull off a last-second heal. She's able to kill Malenia first on the dance pad – it looks a lot easier for her somehow. She uses a bleed build to stack up Blood Loss and take big chunks of Malenia's health at once, but it still takes her almost a minute longer to finally fell the demigod on the PS5.

She shouts, jumps for joy, and then collapses onto the dance pad in relief and exhaustion once the second fight is over. Her tweet states that this took her three days and 199 attempts, which is obscenely impressive as it took many of us here at TheGamer a similar amount of tries to beat just one Malenia with a controller.

Next up for MissMikkaa is the Elden Beast, Godspeed.

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