Exclusive: Need For Speed Unbound Soundtrack Is Composed By French Artist Brodinski

Even though a fair few of you already have your hands on it, the full release of Need For Speed Unbound is only hours away. It won't be long before you can pick your favorite car and zip around the streets of Lakeshore City, listening to some great tunes whilst doing so. There's going to be some great tracks to jam along to, as TheGamer can exclusively reveal that French composer, producer and DJ Brodinski created the soundtrack for the title.

Better yet, we can actually give you an early listen to one of the tracks to get you in the Need For Speed mood. You can find the track Sphinx V.2 embedded down below for your listening pleasure, composed by Brodinski and published by Lakeshore Records. This track and Brodinski's other track will be featured in the main game when it launches tomorrow, so keep your ears open for it when you're fleeing from the police or whatever else you're going to get up to in Lakeshore.

With this news, Need for Speed Unbound's soundtrack is promising to be a pretty great one at that. Not only do we now have an entire soundtrack from Brodinski, we also have a number of tracks from famous rapper A$AP Rocky, who has been heavily involved with the game's marketing over the past couple of months. He even lent his voice to one of the game's car horns, although you'd probably want to hear his voice coming out of your stereo rather than anywhere else.

If you're still undecided on whether to grab Need For Speed Unbound tomorrow, EA has steadily been releasing several gameplay trailers over the past few weeks, giving us a look at police chases, customization options, and general gameplay. If you're already sold, the game launches tomorrow for PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5. Unfortunately, there's no word at the moment on whether the game will be released on PS4 or Xbox One, although it's seems fairly unlikely at this point.

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