Fall Guys Creators Reveal The Game’s Beans Are More Than Six Feet Tall

Fall Guys devs have revealed how tall the game’s beans are, and it has unsettled us more than anything else to be revealed about the game so far.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was released on PS4 and PC a little more than two weeks ago. The hype surrounding the newest addition to the battle royale genre has made it feel like a lot longer than that but in the best possible way. A BR game, which is still free to download for PS Plus members, that doesn’t require players killing each other, and also doesn’t have a community that constantly complains, is definitely a good thing.

One of the best things about Fall Guys isn’t technically a part of the game at all. It’s whoever is in charge of the game’s official Twitter account. As you read this, a charity auction for a personalized Fall Guy bean is going on, and the bidding has gone beyond $300,000. The game’s developers have also promised to delete Yellow Team if a particular tweet reaches one million retweets.

The devs are also more than happy to answer players’ questions about the game. One question that has apparently been asked repeatedly, but never occurred to us until we learned the answer, is how tall are the Fall Guys beans? The answer? 1.83 meters. Honestly, that doesn’t really sit well with us.

1.83 meters is a shade taller than six feet. If anything, we assumed the beans were adorable little creatures, no higher than three feet tall. The realization that they could see eye-to-eye with us in the real world is somewhat unsettling. Some of the fan art to come off the back of the revelation is even worse.

Someone decided to draw a group of beans but as tall, muscular bean-man hybrids. Hunched over as if they recently escaped from a lab and plan on getting revenge on their cruel human creators. The Fall Guys social media team is doing a lot of good right now. Revealing that its previously adorable characters are six feet tall and could probably take us in a fight doesn’t make that list.

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