Famicom Detective Club English Dub Swaps Out Sexual Harassment Scene For One About A Bee

When it comes to remakes of fan-favorite titles, there is often a pressure to add every scene and dialogue from the original in a scene-for-scene remake. However, as the popularity of Final Fantasy VII Remake has recently proved, sometimes a little change can be a good thing. This is also true for the recent remakes of the Japanese classics Famicom Detective Club The Missing Heir and The Girl Who Stands Behind. These new versions finally offer an English translation and change-up a fairly questionable scene from the original.

The Famicom Detective Club titles were released in Japan back in the late ’80s. When The Missing Heir released first to great reviews, Nintendo published The Girl Who Stands Behind a year later. These two games became instant classics in Japan, but unfortunately were never given an English translation. That is until earlier this year when they were finally updated and released on the Nintendo Switch for English-speaking players.

The two games focus on a man who must venture through Japan’s countryside to solve mysteries. Players must examine evidence and interrogate suspects in order to solve the case. The English Switch releases offer updated visuals and voice acting. The remakes also made some changes to scenes within the game. Specifically, the remake has removed a questionable sexual harassment scene and instead replaced it with a scene involving a bee attack.

Thanks to YouTube, you can catch the original scene from the Japanese releases below. In it, the protagonist has the option to constantly “examine” a female character, until he is caught and fired from his detective job. It is a long and non-dubbed scene that may be uncomfortable for some to watch.

Also thanks to YouTube, you can catch the updated “Bee” scene that was added for the remakes. This scene is surprisingly shorter than the previous and simply shows the protagonist getting told off for not killing a bee that flies near a girl.

Of course, the new scene may seem a little odd and out of place within the game, but it is definitely better than the original scene. In a time where harassment, especially in the gaming industry, has become a topic of discussion and an issue that is slowly working towards change, it is nice to see a developer decide to cut-out a whole scene that works against that change. Even if the results are a little comical.

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