Final Fantasy 14 Is Getting More Deep Dungeons

There are only two deep dungeons in Final Fantasy 14 and these dungeons are pretty popular with the game's fans. These endless dungeons are never quite the same each time the player enters, and they present a tough challenge. Everyone begins at a low level upon entrance and need to combat many enemies to gain the required strength to reach the final floor.

Now, it's been announced that more deep dungeons will be added to Final Fantasy 14. However, we have no details as to when they will be arriving, nor do we know what the new dungeons will be like and what they will contain. Naoki Yoshida, the MMORPG's producer and director, revealed that more deep dungeons are headed for the game in a recent FF14 Fan Festival in Korea.

Yoshida said he'd heard that "many people around the world wanted more deep dungeons" and elaborated that the new roguelike levels will arrive with the 6.0 patch updates. These updates are expected in the next couple of months. The news was shared on Twitter by streamer Aitaikimochi:

Final Fantasy 14's first deep dungeon, Palace of the Dead, appeared in patch 3.35, and is located in the Black Shroud. A roguelike within the MMO, Palace of the Dead features 200 floors with players beginning at level one. The second deep dungeon Heaven-on-High was added in patch 4.35, and is found in the Ruby Sea and features 100 floors.

Final Fantasy 14 has become Square Enix's most profitable game in its venerable series, with Yoshida revealing the MMO had exceeded 24 million players. The director and producer has been pivotal in transforming the fortunes of the game, which launched to lacklustre reviews and performance in 2013 on the PS3. The latest expansion, Endwalker, has been a success too, to the extent that it overloaded online servers shortly after it released late last year.

Meanwhile, players are still finding novel ways to play the game, with the latest noteworthy addition to the club as someone is playing as Cat Austin Powers.

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