First Look At Saints Row Customization Coming April 20

Saints Row as a franchise has a few core tenets. It’s always about a gang called “The Saints,” although that gang can eventually grow so large that it takes over the entire US government. It’s always had at least a hint of zaniness, although later iterations of the franchise might have taken the jokes a little too far.

But above all, Saints Row has always been a game about customization. Come as you are, whether that’s a typical Wall Street suit or a mostly naked woman armed with a dildo bat. Saints Row takes all kinds.

We know that the Saints Row reboot coming later this year will feature "the most in-depth character creator ever seen in a Saints game" and that Volition has "built the biggest customization suite of any Saints Row game." We know that both vehicles and people will receive customization options that range from changing outfits and skin tones (or paint jobs, in the case of cars) to changing materials, accessories, and decals, but we haven’t seen any of what this actually means.

That’s all set to change on April 20. "Saints, we've got something that's gonna knock your customized [socks emoji] off," wrote Volition above a screenshot of a male character with what appeared to be a grenade launcher with a pinata strapped to the barrel. He was also wearing grill shades, a rhinestone-encrusted jacket, and a tie-dyed shirt that read "keep on truckin’." This is all likely to be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

One of the new features set to hit Saints Row’s customization suite is the ability to change the pitch of your character’s voice. There are four masculine and four feminine voices confirmed for Saints Row, but for the first time, players will be able to pitch those voices up or down for an additional level of customization.

Previous games gave you a full suite of sliders to change the shape, color, and style to whatever you wanted, and we expect the same and more from the Saints Row reboot. We’ll find out for sure on April 20 on Volition’s YouTube and Twitch channels. Saints Row is scheduled to release on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via the Epic Games Store on August 22.

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