Five New Dark Pictures Anthology Titles Trademarked By Supermassive Games

The developers from Supermassive Games really meant it when saying the Dark Pictures series will comprise at least eight games. The studio registered five new trademarks with logos for the anthology's imminent season two — so that you can already guess what to expect next.

The studio has yet to officially reveal its coming projects in The Dark Pictures Anthology besides the already announced chapter Devil In Me. This one is expected to be the "most bloodcurdling story yet" and will wrap up the first season as a finale, while the anthology will continue into the second season, apparently presenting five more spooky episodes.

New listings appeared on the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), registered on January 31. This doesn't guarantee that all five mentioned titles will be developed and published for real, but this could probably mean the studio is gearing up to make the official announcement that The Dark Pictures will continue for years to come.

The five trademarked projects include The Craven Man, O Death, Directive 8020, Intercession, and Winterfold. Thanks to the logos, we may already assume the settings or even the central idea of them. For instance, Directive 8020 hints at some sort of sci-fi story with its advanced font, while additionally masking the Moon as a skull. Perhaps this is the alien abduction story fans were hoping to see? Meanwhile, Intercession's logo could indicate some connections to the crusaders, once again hinting at a potential medieval horror tale.

Finally, there is another small detail that fans of the studio could notice. 'O Death' is the name of the traditional Appalachian folk song, which was featured in Until Dawn — the studio's most ambitious and popular horror work so far. In the game, the song was performed by Amy Van Roekel. Sadly, there's nothing else to indicate the upcoming episode might include the fan-favorite Wendigo.

The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me is expected to launch in 2022 across PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Supermassive might announce season two soon — or just as well hold it until the first one is finished.

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