Fortnite: What The Circled Date On Deadpool’s Calendar Means

Fortnite players think the circled date on the calendar is Deadpool’s office reveals when the anti-hero’s skin will arrive in-game.

The launch trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 revealed that Deadpool would be joining the games colorful cast of characters. Marvel’s favorite anti-hero is hidden out in a bathroom of the new Fortnite HQ and has been setting challenges for Battle Pass-owning players each week. Players who complete the challenges earn themselves a reward.

However, the reward players want the most is yet to appear. There hasn’t even been any mention of it from Epic Games or data miners. The Deadpool skin. It’s bound to be coming, yet no one could find any clues as to when it will become available. That is, until now. The calendar in Deadpool’s hideout may have given away when the skin will arrive.

As for how players can get their hands on the Deadpool skin, if that is what the big surprise is going to be, our guess would be to complete his challenges. There has been six weeks worth of them so far and anyone who hasn’t completed them all might want to spend this week doing a little catching up.

Most of Deadpool’s challenges have been very easy to complete. Chances are week seven will be no different and the end result will be an unlocked Deadpool skin. However, there’s also the possibility that Epic has been lulling players into a false sense of security, and this week’s Deadpool challenges will be very hard to complete. It would be the ultimate prank, especially during the week on which April Fool’s Day falls.

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