Fortnite’s Planes And Helicopters Will Still Be Unvaulted This Season Despite Last Minute Change

Epic Games dropped a big surprise on Fortnite players yesterday when it kicked off Skywalker Week. An announcement big enough to make players forget planes were meant to be returning a couple of weeks ago. If you've not forgotten, and you're still waiting, fear not, as both planes and helicopters are still on track to be unvaulted soon.

Reaffirmation that Fortnite's planes really are coming back at some point comes via dataminer and leaker, Hypex. Hypex tweeted that there are still plans to bring back planes and helicopters before the end of this current season. That likely means they will be back very soon as there's now only a month until the planned ending for this season, although that can still change.

Since Fortnite's updates are rolled out on Tuesdays, you've got at least another six days to wait until you can take to the skies above the island without having to hop aboard the battle bus. As for where you'll be able to find planes and helicopters when they're eventually unvaulted, the former will spawn at helipads, while the latter will appear at both helipads and on gas station roofs.

It's worth noting at this point that Epic Games is yet to mention anything about planes returning to The Loop. Players were first clued into what seemed like an imminent return when a challenge tasking players with flying a plane through a rift appeared in Fortnite's code. According to the same people who discovered and shared that challenge, it was subsequently removed one minute before the update it would have been a part of went live.

As touched upon above, even without planes, there's a lot to keep you busy in Fortnite right now. The aforementioned Star Wars collab has introduced Luke, Han, and Leia to the game and yes, lightsabers are back. There's also renewed hope for those who preferred playing the game on iPhone as new laws in the EU could see Fortnite eventually return to the platform.

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