Genshin Impact: How To Complete Eight Locales Over Mountains And Seas

Hot on the trail of the action-packed Lantern Rite Festival in Genshin Impact comes a new event for players to partake in that is a little more casual and relaxed. The Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas event casts you in the role of a tour guide for a familiar, furry friend. It is your job to escort Kichiboushi, a bake-danuki, around Teyvat while showing him its sights and capturing the moments.

The event takes place over seven days (one day features two locales), with each daily section consisting of a new adventure alongside Kichiboushi. Although the event doesn’t feature nearly as many complex mechanics as other in-game activities, the mischievous Kichiboushi can certainly be a handful for any intrepid Traveler. Luckily, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to send the little tanuki back home with fond memories.

How To Unlock The Eight Locales Over Mountains And Seas Event

The Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas event should appear automatically in your Event Tab, although you must be at least Adventure Rank 30 and have the majority of Inazuma’s Archon Quests completed to participate. Additionally, the Tanuki-Bayashi in the Forest quest, which introduces you to Ioroi and the bake-danuki, must be resolved first.

The event first directs you to talk with Ioroi, the giant tanuki statue at the heart of Chinju Forest in Inazuma. After chatting for a while Ioroi expresses his desire for you to take Kichiboushi across the continent in hopes that he will gain some training and broaden his horizons. From this point on, you can select different daily outings with Kichiboushi on the Event Page in order to complete the event.

How To Find Kichiboushi

Your mini vacations with Kichiboushi will typically consist of helping him or others with various tasks, chasing down the curious creature himself, and taking pictures of Kichiboushi at different scenic locations. The tasks you find yourself involved in might call for settling disputes between NPC’s, cooking meals for Kichiboushi, or even fighting off wild boars.

Tanuki are renowned in Japanese folklore for their mystical antics and Kichiboushi is no exception. Sometimes he’ll want you to play with him, meaning he’ll start teleporting around, and you’ll have to chase him. Usually Kichiboushi will do a little dance at his new location, giving you an auditory and visual clue to follow.

Tanuki also possess the ability to shapeshift, which Kichiboushi occasionally employs while playing. It can be difficult to locate him after such transformations, but focus on searching for objects that can be interacted with, such as torches. Attacking these objects or causing elemental reactions may be the key to finding him. One such early example sees him become a torch near a bridge, which you'll need to light.

Your forays with Kichiboushi often culminate in a photo-op to commemorate the occasion. Interacting with your trouble-making travel companion (no, not Paimon) in these locations will engage the game’s camera interface and allow you to take a screenshot that can be saved to your computer if you wish.

Rewards For The Eight Locales Over Mountains And Seas Event

Completing each section of the event will net players a handful of Primogems, Talent Level-Up Materials, and Weapon Level-Up Materials.

These materials usually cost Resin to acquire, so this event is a convenient way to gather some for free. Just don’t forget to claim each day’s rewards on the Event Page.

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