Genshin Impact: Mondstadt’s Anemoculus Locations

Genshin Impact’s Mondstadt region harbors collectibles known as Anemoculus. These items can be given as offerings to any Statue of the Seven found in the region. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of Anemoculus, and they don’t respawn, so if you need more offerings, your only hope is to find them all.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Below you will find every Anemoculus location in Genshin Impact, along with tips on how to reach some of the more precariously placed ones.

Starfell Valley

  1. Starting with the Northernmost location, An Anemoculus sits at the bottom of a cliff in the Northwestern Stormbearer Mountain range. But, first, you’ll have to dispatch the Anemo Slimes that surround it.
  2. In the Southern region of the Stormbearer Mountains, nearing Starfell Lake, an Anemoculus hangs high in the air. Use your Anemo skill on the Anemograna below to catch a current up to it.
  3. Heading into the Eastern mountain range, an Anemoculus hovers amongst a grove of trees near a tower, which you can climb for a good launch point to glide from.
  4. On the Northeastern coastline, an Anemoculus balances precariously partway down the cliffside.
  5. Far out in the Eastern sea, there is an uncharted island with a sole Anemoculus. The Geo skill is the best method for getting out there as it is far too long of a swim.
  6. One Anemoculus sits at the Southern foot of Starsnatch Cliff.
  7. Making land back on the central Eastern shore, there is an Anemoculus upon a rock on the edge of a colosseum ruins near the Thousand Winds Temple.
  8. To the Southeast, another Anemoculus sits atop the wall of a ruin.
  9. The Southernmost Anemoculus in this region is sheltered under a grove of trees.
  10. Back along the road headed towards Mondstadt, another Anemoculus is hidden between two trees.
  11. To the West of Mondstadt, just South of the Whispering Woods, an Anemoculus sits on a small pillar of stones.
  12. Off the North coast of Mondstadt island, an Anemoculus hangs mid-air. You can utilize the Anemo Monument on one of the surrounding islands to glide to it.
  13. Off to the Northwest of Cider Lake, another Anemoculus hangs mid-air.
  14. On the shore opposite Mondstadt’s Northwestern peninsula, the last Anemoculus in this region sits in a dead tree, but you won’t have much luck trying to climb the branches. So instead, glide from a nearby ledge.

Galesong Hill

  1. The first Anemoculus sits on a rock near the Statue of the Seven in Windrise, an area among the Northernmost slopes of Galesong Hill.
  2. Directly South, another Anemoculus is perched behind the Statue, in a tree branch.
  3. The third Anemoculus is suspended over the water just East. You can glide from the small rock ledge that juts into the water nearby.
  4. Along the road near the end of the waterway, an Anemoculus hangs high in the air to the Southwest. You’ll need to use the Anemo skill on the Anemograna on the ground next to it and glide over.
  5. Another high-hanging Anemoculus is suspended over a plot of ruins on a small hill overlooking Falcon Coast to the Southeast. Use the Anemograna in this area to catch a gust of wind up to it.
  6. Check around the Temple of The Lion for an Anemoculus hanging between two trees.
  7. A short jaunt Southwest, an Anemoculus hangs in the open nearing Dadaupa Gorge. You can activate the Anemograna in the area or use any number of tricks involving character abilities and or the surrounding landscape to get to it.
  8. Near the larger pool towards the center of Dadaupa Gorge, an Anemoculus is perched atop the monument made of two ancient tree trunks. You’ll need to complete the Seal of The Sword Cemetary quest to obtain it.
  9. Directly behind the ancient log archway, another Anemoculus sits on the remnants of a decrepit bridge ruin. It’s easy enough to glide to from the surrounding ledges, as the bridge sits in a small crater within the gorge.
  10. An Anemoculus is inside a Hilichurl hut near the smaller pool in the gorge’s southern region.
  11. You can glide down to an Anemoculus on a grassy ledge off the west cliff of Cape Oath.
  12. The last Anemoculus in the Galesong Hill region is located on Musk Reef, off the eastern coast of Cape Oath. You’ll need to follow a trio of Seelies residing on the cliffs of Cape Oath. They’ll lead you to their statues, where you can activate a current that guides you to a warp hole accessing Musk Reef. Here you will find the Anemoculus hovering above the Spiral Abyss archway.

Windwail Highlands

  1. Starting in the northern Windwail Highlands, above Wolvendom, The northernmost Anemoculus is hidden under a pile of rocks. You can clear the rubble most efficiently with a claymore wielder.
  2. Heading east, towards the cliffs opposite Modstadt island, an Anemoculus is suspended high in the air. It’s accessible using a collection of three Anemogranas to generate an adequate wind current.
  3. Southeast, along the cliffside, there is an Anemoculus in a tree not far from a Hilichurl camp.
  4. Southwest, the Wolvendom ravine, an Anemoculus is suspended mid-air above four mini rock pillars. It’s a simple matter of gliding from one of the ravine’s bordering ledges.
  5. South, on the other end of the ravine, Large stone pillars are posted along a ledge, and an Anemoculus hovers above the one with thorns at its base. You can burn the thorns with Pyro and climb up or scale a different pillar and glide over.
  6. Heading up to the Northern coast, bordering Mondstadt island, an Anemoculus hangs over the water between the cliffs and Mondstadt island.
  7. Further Southeast, an Anemoculus hangs mid-air above an enemy camp at the bottom of a crag. Glide down from the bordering ledge.
  8. This Anemoculus is perched on the roof of the Dawn Winery.
  9. Another Anemoculus hangs over the water directly next to the Dawn Winery. You can use the Cryo skill to walk out to it (Kaeya is your friend here).
  10. At the end of the dead-end path, South of the winery, you’ll need to solve an Anemo puzzle to access the Anemoculus that resides in the meadow overlooking the water here.
  11. Heading Northeast, towards Springvale, activate the Anemograna in the grass to catch a current up to the Anemoculus in the air above.
  12. Continuing Northeast, another Anemoculus resides on a cliffside in Springvale. Use the Anemograna below.
  13. Heading East, there is an Anemoculus on the roof of a Springvale house as well.
  14. Further East, off of a dead-end road outside Springvale, hangs over a grassy ledge.
  15. To the Southwest, another Anemoculus sits on another cliff edge, overlooking a nearby house.
  16. A short way East-southeast, an Anemoculus is suspended down a crag. Use the bordering ledges to glide down to it.
  17. Directly Southwest, an Anemoculus hangs mid-air in a meadow. Collect the surrounding Anemograna’s or use clever character skills and surrounding fauna to reach it.
  18. Southeast in the meadow bordering Dragonspine. You can use the boulder nearby to glide to it.

Brightcrown Mountains

The Brightcrown Mountains consist of two major regions; Brightcrown Canyon and Stormterror’s Lair.

Brightcrown Canyon

  1. Starting in the South, as you enter the Mountain pass, there is an Anemoculus upon a cliff off to the left.
  2. Continuing North, on the right side of the pass, an Anemoculus is suspended down a cliff. Glide from the surrounding ledges to reach it.
  3. Continuing off to the Southeast of Stormterror’s Lair, an Anemoculus lies hidden amongst the meadow grass. Unfortunately, it’s also likely to be guarded by Anemo Slimes.
  4. Further East, An Anemoculus hangs over a grassy ledge overlooking a nearby castle.
  5. Persisting in the eastward journey, this Anemoculus is trapped under a pile of rocks.
  6. Turning North, the Next Anemoculus sits above a jutting rock, which you can reach by creating an upward current
  7. Almost directly West, an Anemoculus sits inside a wind barrier accessible from above by gliding off the nearby hill.
  8. The final Anemoculus in the Brightcrown Canyon lies a short way North. You’ll need to break a rock and best the residential Ruin Guard to access it.

Stormterror’s Lair

  1. Starting down into  Stormterror’s Lair,  use Anemo on the corresponding monument to boost yourself up to the Anemoculus.
  2. Continuing around the outer edge, an Anemoculus can be found inside a large stone pillar against the Northeast rim. You will have to glide into a crack at the top of the structure from above.
  3. Heading deeper into the Lair southward, you’ll find another Anemoculus under an archway in a stone ruin. You can use a gust of wind to reach it.
  4. Turning Northwest, an Anemoculus hangs down another crag, easily accessible by gliding from any overlooking ledge.
  5. Heading West to the lair’s northwest corner, an Anemoculus sits atop a large ring of pillars. You’ll need a lot of stamina and characters suited for the climb.
  6. Down on a Southwestern cliff of the lair, an Anemoculus is perched at the top of a tree.
  7. Against the Southern edge of the lair, an Anemoculus is set atop a stone pillar.
  8. Turning back North-Northwest, an Anemoculus is suspended directly over the area teleport. However, you’ll need to reach it from the nearby cliff to the Southwest.
  9. Heading ever deeper into the Stormterror’s Lair, an Anemoculus can be found tucked under a niche in the cliff.
  10. Shortly Northeast, another Anemoculus is more deftly hidden in a secluded area tucked under the cliffs below the ruins.
  11. Heading into the heart of Stormterror’s Lair, on the lower level, an Anemoculus is guarded by a resident Ruin Guard.
  12. The final Anemoculus in Stormterror’s Lair sits at its center, suspended under the stone pagoda at the apex of the ruins.

And that is every Anemoculus location in Genshin Impact. While it’s certainly a feat, collecting all of Modstadt’s Anemoculi is nothing compared to tracking down all of the Geoculi throughout Liyue, so be sure to check out all of our Geoculus location guides to ensure you haven’t missed any!

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