Getting Meta: 5 TG Lists I Never Knew I Needed

So, let's get it straight for you. We at TheGamer love our lists. We pump them out like a rabbit pumps out babies. And in only a few months with TheGamer, I've created lists of my own. Sometimes I write "Best Of" lists. Other times I write satire lists for our social media feeds. Then, I update other writers' lists once in a while, so they're up-to-date.

But now I'm offering a first: A LIST OF LISTS. That's right, folks, we're going meta. But what should the criteria for this list be? First, my editors and I considered the longest lists, but we remembered that TLDR is a thing. So then, I started reading my fellow writer's lists and thought, "Wow, this stuff is hella useful!" Even outside of gaming, I could use these lists to meet the needs of my everyday life. So, without further ado, here's a list of lists that I never knew I needed.

5 Best Games With Romance Options

by Sid Natividad

When it comes to romance, I have a lame track record. I've never been in a serious relationship, and my last date was six years ago. Yup. MY DATING LIFE HAS BEEN NON-EXISTENT FOR A WHOLE US SENATORIAL TERM. Of course, there are plenty of reasons for this. But I'm an adult. Mind ya business.

Luckily, I can indulge in romantic fantasies in the world of gaming! So whether it's checking into the weird romance suite in Danganronpa V3 (Seriously, what was that?) or spamming romance actions until my sims bang "woo-hoo," I'm a casanova in the virtual world.

And that's why I love Best Games With Romance Options. It gives me twenty-five alternatives to risking my fragile self-esteem by actually putting myself out there.

Sorry y'all, this Bisexual Hot Mess Express is perpetually off the market!

4 Games That Let You Destroy Buildings

by Ben Jessey

Story time: I've never been a violent individual. I was my brother's and cousins' soft boy punching bag growing up. Yet, surprisingly, I loved fighting games. Perhaps I enjoyed the colorful characters, flashy moves, and fast action of the genre.

Bahahahahaha! Just kidding! I was a ball of anxiety and rage, lashing out by hadoken-ing the crap out of sprites and polygons. In fact, I am still a ball of anxiety and rage that's constantly simmering. The only difference is that I'm older and more depressed.

These days, I'm looking for new outlets for my anger. Obviously, I can't go wrecking my own house. Plus, the closest Rage Room in my neighborhood is not open yet. So, if I can't don PPE and smash open a TV, at least I can unleash the beast on digital furniture.

Games That Let You Destroy Buildingshas some standard titles, like Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, and the Battlefield series. However, I'm especially interested in checking out the list's number two entry, Teardown. It's a heist game that requires you to tear apart buildings and furniture to acquire your target item. Driving through a wall to steal valuables? Sounds good to me!

3 The Sims 4 Tiny Living: Terrific Tiny Homes

by Helen Ashcroft

As a millennial in my thirties, home-owning is one of those possibilities that feels out of reach. After all, the pandemic has created a seller's market in my area, meaning houses are rising in price. Plus, I don't even make enough money to consider buying a house! (Why does it matter to me if it's a "seller's market" when I'm thousands of dollars away from a down payment!?)

However, seeing these tiny homes from The Sims 4's innovative community of creators gives me hope. I've considered tiny living multiple times. Between the reduced cost of living and the potential for eco-friendly options, it makes a lot of sense. Plus, I like cozy.

Therefore, if I decide to take the plunge into tiny living, I'm stealing these design ideas from The Sims 4 Tiny Living: Terrific Tiny Homes. Some may be out of my price range, like Simproved's Huge Microhome. However, I think I could manage the cost of The Triplets home by RGR Gaming if I split the cost with two close friends! Communal tiny living, here I come!

2 Most Elaborate Secrets Hidden In Games, Ranked

by Cameron Miller

I hate to say it, but I am far from a completionist in video games. In fact, there are still games in my PS4 backlog waiting to get played. This is not for lack of interest. I'm just terribly scatterbrained. Before I've gotten halfway through one game, my attention jumps to another. So, of course, I had to give props to Most Elaborate Secrets Hidden In Games, Ranked.

Thank goodness there are people out there with the time and focus available to uncover gaming's most elusive secrets. Seriously. I'm too cowardly to play a Resident Evil game, let alone check Wesker's desk fifty times to find an old photo of Rebecca Chambers. Therefore, I applaud the gamers who came before me and shed light on these mysteries.

Plus, I'm definitely gonna break out my old Gamecube and try that Master Hand trick in Melee. That looks freaking awesome!

1 MCU Movies And Shows In Chronological Order

by Avery Lawrence Feyrer

As I established, I am not good at finishing things I've started. Another example, among many, is my relationship with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Do I enjoy Marvel? Absolutely! I became a Marvel stan the moment I played Marvel Vs. Capcom. But does the size and lore of the MCU scare me? Dead God, it does!

My best friend is practically a Marvel expert. A few years ago, he tried to walk me through all the films in chronological order. Unfortunately, somewhere around Thor: Dark World, I checked out. We tried watching it after a long day waiting for an audition at the Actor's Equity building in Times Square that we weren't even seen for, and I fell asleep.

I still watch Marvel movies from time to time, like Captain Marvel, Infinity War, Spiderman: Homecoming, etc. Yet, every time I consider catching up from the beginning, a new movie or show launches, and my anxiety spikes again. At this point, trying to keep up with the MCU feels like scrambling to meet article deadlines and reach my monthly quota. There's just too much pressure.

Therefore, I am eternally in Avery Lawrence Feyrer's debt. MCU Movies And Shows In Chronological Order covers all the essentials you need to know to get acquainted with Marvel's juggernaut media saga. This article includes dates in the story timeline, synopses, and even info about upcoming Marvel shows and movies. It's the cheat sheet we've all needed! But, more importantly, it makes me feel less overwhelmed by the MCU.

Guess I'm calling my bud, Cody, cause movie night is back on!

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