Gran Turismo 7 Patch Reduces Grind And Increases Credit Rewards

Gran Turismo 7 launched last month and according to the reviews alone, PlayStation's new racing sim got an incredibly warm reception. However, when the general public got their hands on it, a large chunk of them took issue with the amount of grind required, not to mention the push towards microtransactions. Things went from bad to worse for GT7 when an early patch made that grind even harder.

Polyphony's Kazunori Yamauchi apologized for GT7's misgivings at the tail end of March, promising to try and make things right via a number of updates. The first of those updates has now arrived, and it would appear the grind has already been significantly reduced. The full patch notes, which you can check out in full on the Gran Turismo website, are peppered with a number of ways players can now easily earn more credits.

One of the most notable ways you can now earn a huge number of credits in one go is via new The Human Comedy endurance races. Up to 1.2 million credits which only seems fair since these races are an hour long. The cap on the amount of credits you can have saved at any one time has also been massively increased from 20 million to 100 million.

Other areas of the game you will now receive more rewards include gold and bronze results in the Circuit Experience, and for completing daily races and races in lobbies. It's also worth noting the one million credits being given to all players as a makegood for GT7's early problems is still available. All you need to do is log into the game anytime before April 25, 2022. That equates to roughly $15 if you were to buy them outright, so not too shabby.

On top of the backlash towards its grind and microtransactions, GT7's servers went down shortly after the controversial update to the game last month. Since almost every element of the game requires an internet connection in order to function, the game became unplayable for more than 24 hours. Consider the one million credits you can still claim for free an apology for that too.

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