Half-Life 2 Mod Replaces Alyx With Star Fox’s Krystal, Voiced By Original Artist

If you love Half-Life 2 and Krystal from Star Fox, then you've likely happened upon Gagnetar’s replacement mod. This mod from 2017 puts everyone’s favorite sexy blue fox in the place of Alyx in Valve’s first-person shooter, Halt-Life 2. While that original mod simply put the Star Fox heroine into the game, Gagnetar has taken it a step further. He recruited Krystal’s original voice actress to re-record Alyx’s dialogue as the Star Fox character.

This is the second upgrade which this replacement mod has seen. After its initial release in 2017, the mod was upgraded a year later to improve some animations, textures, and other minor edits. However, this newest upgrade is quite impressive. Not only is it significant that Krystal’s original voice actress, Estelle Ellis, is completely re-recording Alyx’s lines, but this appears to be her first voice gig in almost 20 years. Her most recent credit is Perfect Dark Zero back in 2005 in case you're wondering. As for how Gagnetar was able to get Ellis on board, the two have been talking about this on and off for a few years and it took a little convincing to get her back in the booth.

Despite the time off, Ellis had no problem getting into character. According to a Krystal fan page called the Krystal Archive, she “sounds quite natural as Krystal in this fan mod." Plus, to ensure that this performance is authentic to both Krystal and Half-Life 2, Gagnetar is rewriting some of the dialogue to better suit Krystal in this new universe. This adds the authenticity that makes the blue fox’s immersion in the game feel natural. Well, as natural as the inclusion of a sexy blue fox in Half-Life’s world can be.

Of course, Ellis’ voice work is not the only feature being included in the update. As Ellis’ contribution is still underway with several lines still to be recorded, Gagnetar is also working on a new character model. Plus, there are additional features that have yet to be announced. Unfortunately, Gagnetar is keeping those additional features under wraps, saying that “everyone will just have to wait and see”.

Sadly, that “wait” will be a while as the mod is not expected to release until September 23, the twentieth anniversary of Star Fox Adventures.

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