Halo Infinite Forge File Sharing Looks Pretty Organised

343 Industries can't get Halo Infinite's Co-op Campaign or Forge mode out soon enough. Just less than a year ago, the devs shadow dropped the game's multiplayer, which rose above the likes of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 to become the dominant shooter of the year, going on to be included in various Game of the Year lists.

However, as it stands today, the lack of content has resulted in a mass player exodus. Players have been waiting for more seasonal content, Co-op Campaign, and Forge mode, which only seem to be getting pushed further back. We've seen leaked footage of the Forge mode and what it can do, but we still have no word on the launch. However, as spotted by PCGamesN, we've got a new leaked image showing us the menu UI for Forge.

From what we can see, the Community tab will be split into four basic sections – Recommended, as the name suggests, might house creations that 343 thinks should be highlighted; Popular Maps will include the most used and shared map creations. Popular Modes will be game modes with custom rules, and Popular Prefabs will ideally comprise community made set pieces to include in your own creations.

It appears that Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a major reason why 343 hasn't been able to put out much content. 343 was apparently working with Sperasoft, a support studio based in Russia, that helps out with QA, technical support, and art. The studio has partnered with major developers like Ubisoft in the past. For Halo Infinite, Sperasoft's contribution included "blocking out" multiplayer maps using concept art provided by 343 Industries.

Various industries across the globe, including the gaming industry, have since boycotted Russia, which meant that 343 could no longer depend on the support studio for its multiplayer maps. It's unclear whether the developer outsourced the work to another studio or whether it's being handled internally. Either way, this was one of the major reasons for the delayed content rollout.

However, the developer recently put out a preview of Halo Infinite's co-op campaign, so we can take some solace in knowing it's not too far away.

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