Halo Infinite Launching Co-Op Beta For Insiders In July

Halo Infinite got off to a flying start last year when it surprise-launched its free multiplayer a month early. Things haven't exactly gone to plan for the multiplayer elements of Infinite since then, though. Delays to features, and seasons most would agree are far too long have left it wanting. There's still no firm date on when Infinite will be getting a co-op campaign, though the reveal of when the mode will be tested has offered up a light at the end of the tunnel.

As revealed by 343 Industries on Twitter (via Eurogamer) beta testing for Infinite's co-op campaign will begin next month. Or as 343 refers to beta testing, flighting. “With #HaloInfinite campaign network co-op arriving later this year, we're planning to flight it to Halo Insiders in July,” the tweet reads. The exact dates the co-op campaign test flight will begin and end haven't yet been revealed.

If you're one of the many eagerly awaiting the launch of Infinite's co-op campaign, but you're not a Halo Insider, don't despair. You can sign up through the Halo Insider site and open yourself up to being part of all beta tests for Infinite moving forward. It's not too late to sign up and be in with a chance to take the co-op campaign on a test flight next month. If you're already signed up, it's worth logging in and double-checking your details are all up to date.

Earlier this year, a new roadmap for Infinite had the full launch for its co-op campaign happening in August. Hitting that date will ultimately depend on how next month's test flight goes. Suffice to say, if it needs to be delayed again, those still playing the game won't be too happy. Season two started recently and the rollout didn't go all that well. Not to mention it is once again six months long, just like season one, which is pretty lengthy for one season in any game.

This is all very much a learning curve for 343 when it comes to Infinite. Launching on a new console and creating a Halo game that is very different from any other to have come before it. While a number of previous games in the series have included multiplayer elements, seasons and a battle pass are new ground. Hopefully the arrival of the co-op campaign, and The Forge after it, will improve the moods of Halo fans.

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