Herman Miller's New Sayl Edition Gaming Chair Is Designed to Maintain Posture

Herman Miller has introduced another gaming chair called the Sayl chair that focuses on comfort and maintaining the user’s posture. This special edition gaming chair is “inspired by the architecture and the less-is-more engineering of suspension bridges.”

As such the Sayl utilizes an unframed 3D Intelligent back with elastomer strands that provide tension support where needed and “the least in areas that allow for the most expansive range of motion.” It also provides passive PostureFit sacral support, allowing the spine to maintain its natural “S” shape while gaming.

The chair also features Harmonic Tilt to help posture, as it’s used to keep the body and spine supported alongside the help of its contoured seat pad, which can also be adjusted to alleviate pressure from the legs.

Herman Miller’s Sayl gaming chair is available now for $725 USD and comes in the color black, red, green, purple, blue, and white.

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