Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Lord Of Light Achievement Guide

Tooke is an extremely difficult character to use in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, but his ability is one of the best. Instinct allows you to highlight nearby enemies and heal teammates that are close. The Lord Of Light achievement demands skill, as you must heal 500 points of health with one use of the ability to unlock it.

This guide will cover everything you need to know to unlock the Lord Of Light achievement/trophy in Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

How To Unlock Lord Of Light In Hood: Outlaws & Legends

To unlock the Lord Of Light achievement/trophy, you need a coordinated team. If you split up, you won’t be able to heal everyone with one use of Tooke’s ability. 500 HP is a lot, so get a group to stick together throughout a match.

When you get into a fight with the enemy team, provide support with your flail whilst letting enemies damage your teammates. When your allies are weak, rush in and use Instinct to fully heal them. Of course, this isn’t an easy task, as getting a unified team together is a challenge.

If you demonstrate the importance of Tooke’s ability throughout a heist, you might convince your teammates to rally around you at the end so that they can benefit from Instinct. This would then provide you with a chance to heal them all at once, potentially unlocking Lord Of Light. If you can’t get a group of friends together to play, this is the best option.

Always be looking for opportunities to use Instinct. You should be able to heal everyone if your team is focused on the objectives. When your team finds the Vault, or whilst defending the Winch position, always be ready to heal.

Which Perks Should You Use To Unlock Lord Of Light In Hood: Outlaws & Legends?

Tooke doesn’t have any perks that buff the healing effects of Instinct. However, Innate Insight does allow you to start every match with the ability meter filled, so that you can use it as soon as an opportunity presents itself. Innate Insight is unlocked when Tooke reaches level eight.

If you are eager to show the importance of healing to your allies, and in turn make them want to stay close to you during a match, consider also equipping the Medicinal Potion perk. This changes Tooke’s poison grenade into a healing potion.

When thrown on the ground, the gas will heal teammates rather than draining an enemy’s stamina. Medicinal Potion is unlocked at level nine, so you will need to earn a lot of XP before you can purchase it.

How To Charge Tooke’s Ability In Hood: Outlaws & Legends

If you need to charge your ability meter quickly, assassinate some guards. Most guards are predictable and weak, so you can sneak up on them and charge your ability with a few easy kills.

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