Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Master Archer Achievement Guide

Ranged combat is certainly difficult to master in Hood: Outlaws & Legends. Robin’s longbow can deal a lot of damage, but only if you are able to frequently hit your targets. The Master Archer achievement requires a steady aim, as you must headshot an enemy player from over 50 meters away to unlock it.

This guide will cover everything you need to know to unlock the Master Archer achievement in Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

How To Unlock Master Archer In Hood: Outlaws & Legends

To unlock Master Archer, you must headshot an enemy player from over 50 meters away whilst playing as Robin.

Unlike the Hitwoman achievement that you can unlock as Marianne, Master Archer can only be unlocked by hitting an enemy player. That means you won’t be able to kill guards to complete this achievement, which makes it much more difficult.

Which Perks Should You Use To Unlock Master Archer?

There are a few perks that you should equip to make Master Archer easier. They are both unlocked at higher levels, so you will need to spend some time earning XP before you can attempt this achievement.

Volatile Gourd is a perk that Robin can equip to his first perk slot. It is unlocked at level five. It increases the number of flash grenades that Robin can carry, as well as making the blinded status effect last longer on enemies. This will make them vulnerable to your attacks, hopefully making headshots easier.

Of course, landing a headshot is useless if it doesn’t kill your opponent. Make sure you use charged arrows to deal maximum damage, which should provide a guaranteed kill on impact. The Broadhead perk makes charged arrows even stronger, ensuring that you get one-shot kills with every arrow. You will unlock this perk when Robin reaches level ten.

Tag And Mark Locations To Learn Distance

It’s hard to measure how close enemies are in Hood: Outlaws & Legends. The bow doesn’t have a tracker to indicate how far your target is, so you will need to rely on tags.

Tagging an enemy will highlight them and reveal how many meters are between you and them so that you can find the correct range and line up your shot without losing your target.

When Should You Attempt To Get Master Archer?

There are certain moments which will make the Master Archer achievement much easier to unlock. The best opportunity to unlock it is whilst the enemy team is winching the chest.

Sneak towards them, find the perfect range, and then unleash an arrow. Make sure that you know how to stay hidden to ensure you aren’t spotted, as this will get you into an unwanted fight.

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