Instagram Stories analytics: Top 10 tools you need

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Instagram is one of the best social media platforms on which to build brand awareness and gain a loyal following. However, getting your account found and your posts seen may seem like a truly magical task.

The path to a successful Instagram account doesn’t have to be a mystery, though. Those businesses and brands that make their social media growth look effortless simply have the right analytics tools to inform their every move.

Not all Instagram analytics tools are made the same, however, and some don’t even give you any data about Stories at all. The list we have created here includes some of the best tools to help you manage your Instagram account, including the Stories feature.

1. SocialFox

SocialFox is a comprehensive Instagram analytics tool that helps you grow your account by illuminating all of your metrics in highly readable, customized reports.

With SocialFox, you get every bit of data that can be drawn from your stories, including impressions, shares, reach, completion rate, reply count and best time of day to post.

Use SocialFox to learn about what your audience wants to see most, when they want to see it, who they are, where they are located and every other detail you could possibly need in order to build successful campaigns.

When you want to see the results of your hard work in real time, SocialFox has you covered on that front as well. Log in to see how your posts are performing, their engagement rates, comments, reach and saves.

Finding the right hashtags has also never been easier. With SocialFox, you can see the impact of your hashtags on your content.

Because of SocialFox’s real-time reporting, you never have to miss another opportunity to adjust course and take your posts from excellent to outstanding.

2. StoryClash

StoryClash is a relatively new tool, and it is one of the only ones designed specifically to help boost your Instagram marketing through Stories.

This tool seems to have been built for larger companies and agencies, because there are no pricing options available on the website—only a form to request a demo with the sales team.

If your company has a large marketing department and you are ready to consider a more significant investment, this may be the product for you.

StoryClash offers instant historical and real-time reporting, and it monitors your stories for mentions. This is one of the more challenging metrics to keep track of, so it may be a valuable source of information on that front.

Benchmarking features let you know how you are doing in comparison to your competitors in the industry, giving your company goals to strive for. You can also get insights into your competition’s stories.

Learn who is posting about you and who is posting about your rivals, and share the results in detailed reporting intended for clients and teams.

3. Instagram Insights


You probably already know that you have access to free insights for your business account right on the Instagram app, but you may not be aware of how robust this tool actually is.

With Instagram Insights, you get all the most important raw data, including button taps, exits, follows, link clicks, reach, replies, shares and interactions. You can get even more detailed information through the new Creator Studio feature.

The main reason people prefer to use analytics tools is that they make meaning out of the unfiltered data for you.

If you enjoy crunching numbers and making inferences out of your data, though, you may want to take a second look at Instagram Insights to inform your Story creation.

4. Later

Later doesn’t just offer Instagram Stories analytics; it also offers a Stories planning and scheduler tool, and has a comprehensive library of resources that teach you how to make the most of Instagram’s Stories feature.

Later puts your data together into insights that help you create excellent content. It gives you the flexibility to make new discoveries about what your audience likes to see, and to experiment with new types of content.

This Instagram marketing suite has some additional features that make your job a little easier. It integrates data from your links to evaluate traffic to your website from Instagram, and you can use it to track page views and click-through rates as well.

The post scheduler gives you the freedom to create your posts and stories ahead of time, preview them so you know exactly what your followers will see and schedule them to publish at the best time for your account.

You can try a limited version of Later for free, for as long as you want. This version does not have the Stories features that the paid packages include, but it will give you a good sense of Later’s functionality.

5. is an up-and-coming social media analytics tool that covers your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This analytics software is super basic at the lowest price range, but the middle and upper tiers are full of useful features that will have you creating content that wows your followers in no time. helps pull meaningful insights from your Stories data, and it saves everything so that you can do historical reporting. This is incredibly useful, because it means that you can go back in time to track growth, trends and performance over the course of multiple campaigns.

6. RivalIQ

RivalIQ tracks and reports on your Story performance in meaningful ways, but the real value of this software is in the way it tracks your competitors. It offers a full list of analytics for both your business and rival businesses, so you always know how you are doing in comparison to the competition.

Never miss a beat with notifications from RivalIQ whenever competing companies are mentioned on social media, when they post and when they boost their posts.

Get intel on how their posts are performing so you can learn what works for them and what doesn’t. This is one of the best ways to get inspiration for your own content. You can discover what to avoid without making the mistakes yourself, and stay responsive to the rapid changes specific to your industry.

7. Squarelovin

Squarelovin is an e-commerce tool that will take your sales to the next level by using content your fans create.

It offers a full suite of analytics tools, including Stories analysis that lets you evaluate which types of content do best in that format.

The most exciting feature of Squarelovin, though, is the way it helps you increase your following and drive sales with user-generated content.

Your fans appreciate being recognized, and they will introduce your brand to all their friends and followers when you use their content to tell your company’s story.

Squarelovin helps you find UGC, get permission to use it and turn it into shoppable posts and stories that get people liking, commenting and buying.

8. Socialbakers

Socialbakers offers social marketing services that will take all of your social media accounts to new heights. It’s designed for marketing teams, agencies and enterprise-level businesses, and there are no prices listed on the website—only a “contact for demo” button.

This software not only gives you all the analytics you need in order to create outstanding, unified content across all channels; it also gives you the necessary planning and scheduling tools.

Socialbakers uses its custom AI software to consolidate your data points into one set of reports, making it easier than ever to see the big picture. Use it to generate audience personas and get to know your customers on a new level, optimize paid and organic posts, and learn from your competitors.

9. Planoly

Planoly is a social media planner that feels like an extension of Instagram. You can use it to track your progress and create great content.

You can download the Planoly app on your phone, which makes it easier than ever to manage content from one app to another.

This tool offers basic analytics for the lower pricing tiers, which means that the data used must be within Planoly’s selected time period. The advanced analytics available with more expensive plans allows you to run historical reports so you can tease out performance, trends and patterns over time.

The power of Planoly is in its planning features, which help you compile amazing content your followers will love, organize your posts and images, and easily schedule your stories and posts to be published at the time you choose. You can even upload multiple stories at once.

You can add Planoly’s SellIt software for an extra fee, and get tools that will help you grow your e-commerce sales on Instagram. SellIt turns your Instagram into a digital storefront with a single click.

10. SocialPilot

SocialPilot has been expanding its capabilities, and it is now one of the most robust and affordable analytics tools available.

The software boasts unlimited analytics and reports, and the mid-level pricing tier allows five team members to monitor up to 50 social media accounts.

You can use SocialPilot to track your stories as well as your influencers, and the program tracks every single post comprehensively.

The software also comes with a post scheduler, which makes it easy to reach your audience when they are logged on. You can take a day off, go to lunch or sleep in without worrying about missing your followers for the day.

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