John Terry Gets His Wife Monkey NFT Of Herself Dressed As Him

Former Chelsea FC captain John Terry has a peculiar gift for his wife who he affectionately calls "Mrs T" (not related to the A-Team, unfortunately) – it's an NFT that turns her into an ape… dressed as him? It's a choice, that's for sure.

NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, are essentially receipts. You are proving you really, really own something – it's not just any jpeg on the internet, it's your jpeg. You can back that up! But people can also right click and save your jpeg and have an exact duplicate, just not the receipt. They even save thousands of dollars as these digital receipts tend to cost a lot, sold using cryptocurrency which is incredibly harmful for the environment. And oddly enough, there's a trend of NFTs being ape-related, often versions of the same ape.

Mr Chelsea himself not only made one for his wife depicting her as an ape as him, but he also turned himself into an ape for his latest profile picture. He's really buying into the whole NFT racket. The one for his wife was made with the help of "Desperate ApeWives," a self-described "startup" and "venture" ran by "entrepreneurs." As their name suggests, they specialise in ape NFTs, even making a Catwoman one.

It'll be interesting to see what Chelsea FC has to say about having its insignia plastered on an NFT like this – it's unlikely that Terry or Desperate ApeWives got permission, after all. Still, it's not the first time Terry has compared someone's wife to an animal in recent memory.

He joined Twitter last month and almost immediately called a fan's wife a pig. He really embraced the whole hellscape thing, eh? In other news, Terry wants to get back into football and is reportedly returning to Chelsea FC as a youth development coach, leaving his current job as the assistant head coach at Aston Villa. Maybe all the lucky kids he helps will get their own NFTs! Or not. Let's hope not.

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