Kirby And The Forgotten Land: How To Remove The 3 Wanted Posters In Scale The Cement Summit

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In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, our little vacuum-like friend is on the run from the law. Though it is unclear what our pink pal did to land his likeness on the wanted posters hanging throughout the game, it is clear that our goal is to get them down posthaste.

In "Scale the Cement Summit," part of the Everbay Coast region, there are three wanted posters hanging throughout the level. One is near the beginning, the next is in the middle stretch, and the third is hidden right before you reach the Waddle Dee cage at the level's conclusion. To complete this secret objective, you will need to find all three and knock them down. Happy hunting!

The First Wanted Poster

At the beginning of the level, you will see a cement wall with a golden ladder leading up. Climb the ladder, while carefully avoiding the cannonballs, and you will see a wanted poster, immediately to your right, as soon as you reach the top. Knock it off the wall.

The Second Wanted Poster

Shortly after the mini-boss fight against Fleurina — the duck who fights by flinging tornados — you'll reach an area with lots of enemies, concrete ramps and stairs, and a metal bridge. If you hit the red switch, it will cause a Waddle Dee to appear on the bridge. Near the bridge, there is a pool of water and the wanted poster is on the wall above it. Take it down and you're one step closer to clearing Kirby's name. If you're looking for all the Waddle Dees, there's a secret passage to reach one, hidden behind some crates directly opposite the poster.

The Third Wanted Poster

Immediately after the gliding section, you will see the cage with three Waddle Dees that marks the end of the level straight ahead. Ignore that for now, and look to the foliage on your right. At the edge of the screen, you can see the edge of something that looks suspiciously like a wanted poster. It is, indeed, a wanted poster. Walk over and knock it down to complete this optional objective and prove Kirby innocent.

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