Latest Silent Hill leak proven legitimate following Konami takedown

Konami has seemingly inadvertently confirmed the existence of a new Silent Hill by filing a copyright claim against leaked images.

There have been numerous leaks and rumours claiming a new Silent Hill is in development for years. From Hideo Kojima coming back to Konami contracting The Medium developer Bloober Team, nothing ever came of them.

Most recently, someone shared images of what they claim to be from a new Silent Hill game, as well as a couple of details.

It’d be easy to dismiss them, except the images have since been stricken from Twitter thanks to a copyright strike from Konami. Ironically, this pretty much confirms that the pictures are real.

After all, if they were fake, Konami wouldn’t have any reason to come after them and could have just left them be. Not that it matters, because the images can be easily found elsewhere now.

The pictures depict a young woman with parts of her face feeling off like paper, a disused room filled with rubbish, and a cramped hallway covered in written notes, with a creepy figure (perhaps a new enemy type) standing at the end.

We won’t be posting them here, but someone has compiled them in a gallery on Reddit.

Twitter user AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem even had their Twitter account locked as a result (it’s back now) and said in a ResetEra post that it was Konami who filed the claim.

They opted not to share too much about what they know about the new Silent Hill, only mentioning the names Anya and Maya (the main characters?), SMS messages, and that there is more than one Silent Hill game in development.

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