Learning To Play – A Guide To Help Your Little Ones Get Into Games

How old should your children be when introducing them to video games? What are the best titles to teach them how to use a controller? Are there games that both a youngster and adult will find equally enjoyable?

As a father of a nine-year-old daughter, I get asked these questions frequently by people with children of their own, and I always stumble with my response as I try to recall the route I took to acclimate her to games. Most kids want to play games at an early age, yet there aren’t many resources out there that help parents and guardians find a safe and rewarding gaming path for their kiddos. I hope this new reoccurring All Ages section helps people find solutions to their children’s gaming needs.

This month’s section focuses on teaching kids how to use a controller first. The games that accomplish this task also help them navigate 2D and 3D spaces.

I’ll offer suggestions for cooperative games, the best non-violent options, genre entry points, and more in the months ahead. If you have questions or want to explore specific topics, drop me a letter at [email protected] with your thoughts.

My efforts to get my daughter into the console gaming space were not easy. Her frustrations with using a controller for the first time were made worse by the fact that a good number of licensed children’s games are downright awful and don’t appear to take their targeted age group to heart. That said, we found a handful of games that are fantastic entry points. Here’s where to start.

Super Mario Maker 2

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Minecraft Dungeons

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