Let's Go Chopping Proves Quest Can Handle Some VR Physics

Ever watched a zombie movie and found yourself frustrated at the slip-ups survivors make on scavenging runs? Let’s Go Chopping is your chance to either show them how it’s done or, more likely, end up as the undead’s next meal.

Out today via sideloading onto Oculus Quest (and originally named Dawn), Let’s Go Chopping is a stab at bringing The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners-style physics to the more constrained confines of the standalone headset. To that end, it’s undeniably one big tech showcase and not always the most polished experience, but it features some of the best melee combat on the platform.

Chop ‘Til You Drop With Let’s Go Chopping

Let’s Go Chopping has you pushing a shopping cart through a long-abandoned market, grabbing items from a list whilst fending off the hungry hordes. Do well and you’ll gather more funds to unlock more weapons and upgrades. Check it out in our gameplay video above.

It’s simple to the point of driving nostalgia for VR’s younger days, but the core of Let’s Go Chopping is in its impressive physics-driven combat. Sinking a knife into a zombie’s head requires genuine force and pistols need to be reloaded authentically, which can be a bit of a mad scramble in close-range combat. It’s not quite as satisfying as Saints & Sinners, though, lacking some of the slick crunch and impact that a big budget was able to afford that game. But it’s certainly a tasty preview of what’s to come for Quest.

In fact, Let’s Go Chopping is at its best when you embrace its silly side. Your shopping cart can be weaponized, shoving zombies over in droves and not giving them a chance to get back up, and running around the levels with it in hand is dizzying but rightly hilarious, too.

Let’s Go Chopping has a free demo on SideQuest and an Early Access release on Itch, where it can be purchased for a minimum of $3. It’s absolutely worth it at that low price, though developer Soaring Roc Studio says there’s plenty of content in the free version too. Will you be picking up Let’s Go Chopping? Let us know in the comments below.

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