Mario Party Superstars: Every Space And How They Function

Mario Party Superstars is a fantastic addition to the Mario Party franchise for the Nintendo Switch, and it brings backs many fan-favorite mechanics from previous entries in the series. The Boards in Mario Party Superstars are remastered versions of past Mario Party maps, and their layouts are very similar to the original boards.

You can encounter various spaces while walking across each board, and they each offer a unique mechanic that can positively or negatively affect your chances of winning the match. Here is every space in Mario Party Superstars and their effects.

What Are Board Spaces?

Spaces are one of the most important parts of a board in the Mario Party franchise. You land on a space whenever you roll a dice, so there has to be a variety of them to keep each match unique. Some spaces connect to objects, such as Koopa Banks. However, while not all spaces connect to objects, all of them grant an effect.

These can be positive or negative so knowing about every type of space is essential if you want to plan your next move strategically. You will always be on a space in a match of Mario Party Superstars; however, which one you reside on each round varies based on your dice roll and if your opponents use a Warp Block.

Every Space In Mario Party Superstars, Explained

Bowser Space The Bowser Space has a picture of Bowser's face on it. When you land on this space, you'll enter a room with Bowser, where he will select a random negative effect. The effects range from stealing your stars to playing mini-games with every player. After Bowser grants the effect, you'll return to the board.
Blue Space The Blue Space gives you three or six coins when you land on it, depending on the round in the match. Blue Spaces are common throughout every board.
Red Space You lose coins whenever you land on a Red Space. You can lose three or six coins, depending on the round. Similar to Blue Spaces, Red Spaces are one of the most common.
Lucky Space Lucky Spaces grant you a single reward, which can include coins or items. The reward you earn is random. Lucky Spaces have a picture of a clover on them.
Item Space When you land on an Item Space, you'll enter a single-player mini-game where you can complete a few possible tasks to earn an item. Some of the mini-games require strategy, while others require luck. You can identify an Item Space by the mushroom on the space.
Event Space Event Spaces can activate many different mechanics. In Woody Woods, Event Spaces activate the trees. In Horror Land, Event Spaces change the time between day and night. In Space Land, Event Spaces activate the Patrols. In Peach's Birthday Cake, Event Spaces activate the Piranha Plants. In Yoshi's Tropical Island, Event Spaces switch the star and Bowser's locations on the board. Event Spaces display an exclamation mark.
Versus Space The Versus Space selects a random mini-game for you to compete against your opponents. Unlike regular mini-games, everybody gives coins to the winner. The Versus Space features a blue background and a "VS" on it.
Koopa Bank Space The Koopa Bank collects a few of your coins when you move past it; however, you get all of the coins in the bank if you land on the Koopa Bank Space during your turn.
Chance Time Space The Chance Time Space allows you to select two players to swap coins or stars. You can select the two players and items through a short mini-game. The Chance Time Space has a picture of two arrows on it.
Start Space The Start Space is the first space you come in contact with at the start of each match.

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