Mark Zuckerberg's Confidence Grows As HTC Teases Next Steps

Our live discussion from VR this week utilizes Facebook’s latest high frequency hand tracking technology as we get into the latest industry-wide trends.

This week we’re going to talk about Facebook’s growing confidence in VR as the company sees sustained sales for Oculus Quest 2 after its 2020 holiday season debut. Even on Valve’s Steam, 60 percent of the headsets in use are now Facebook’s. We’ll also be running the latest 60 Hz hand tracking mode in our virtual studio and seeing if it has any impact on ability to interact with one another in virtual reality over the Internet.

We’ll be talking about HTC’s latest teases too as the company previews a new VR headset ahead of its ViveCon event. HTC even went so far as to suggest it is planning to reveal multiple VR headsets. We’ll be broadcasting at 1 pm Pacific time on May 3, 2021.

For those unfamiliar, the VR Download is our twice-weekly show streamed live to YouTube from our broadcasting studio in virtual reality. Some of our staffers have never met one another in the real world but VR allows us to sit together and interact in real-time. Our custom-built studio is made by David Heaney using Unity and C# and we currently use the Oculus Avatars SDK for our avatars, though we don’t yet have access to the latest Oculus avatars since the newest SDK hasn’t been released. We can see live comments on our YouTube channel and incorporate those into our discussion. Every episode is also made available on all major podcast platforms within 24 hours of airing.

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