Mass Effect Banter Mod Makes Mako Journeys Less Awkward

The first Mass Effect's Mako journeys aren't the most loved aspect of the old RPG. In fact, until its mechanics were overhauled in Legendary Edition, it was easily the most despised feature from the first game. But controls aside, it sucks how going for a drive with your Normandy SR1 pals is utterly silent, putting any companion banter on hold.

Thankfully, a new mod for Mass Effect Legendary Edition addresses exactly that. Mako Squadmate Banter from Nexus Mods user HenBagle does exactly what it says on the tin: it makes your squadmates a bit more chatty in the Mako. By utilizing easy-to-miss elevator conversations, your crew will do more than watch on in horror at Shepard's driving skills (or lack thereof), and take the opportunity to catch up with whoever you brought them along with.

"This mod allows banter between squadmates to play when you're riding in the Mako", reads the mod's description. "Banter plays at random intervals, and the timer length can be customized to your liking. The banter is the exact same as the banter heard when in the Citadel elevator."

The conversations won't play out during Mako segments of main missions, so you won't have to worry about your immersion being broken in the fight against Saren. Instead, you'll hear the chatter when you explore uncharted worlds, as this can often give you long stretches of silence in the base game.

The mod is also customizable, allowing you to choose how often the banter should play out. So don't worry about Garrus and Tali distracting you as you try and bring the Mako up a 90-degree incline. The default will have clips play out between two and ten minutes from one another.

If you want to try the mod out, you'll have to pick Mass Effect Legendary Edition up on PC via Steam. It's also available to play on Game Pass for PC thanks to EA Play.

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