Mass Effect Legendary Edition runs at 120fps on Xbox Series X but 60fps on PS5

EA has released a host of free downloadable content for the Mass Effect remasters and revealed how the Xbox Series X has the best console version.

The launch of the next gen consoles has been peculiar for all sorts of reasons, but the most obvious is that it’ll probably be a full year before Microsoft release a first party exclusive on the Xbox Series X.

Combined with the fact that so few games are being released at the moment, thanks to the pandemic, that means that the Xbox Series X’s boast of being the most powerful console ever made has never been clearly demonstrated.

There are a few multiformat next gen games where the Xbox Series X has superior performance though and BioWare has just revealed that the Mass Effect remaster trilogy is one of them.

BioWare has released details of the game’s various graphical options on consoles and the Xbox Series X is the only one that supports 120fps, with the PlayStation 5 limited to 60fps.

While 60fps is highly desirable, 120fps is a luxury that isn’t even noticeable without a high-end TV or monitor. However, it is a good indication of the extra power the Xbox Series X has under its hood.

The game (or rather games) will have two modes to choose from, one of which prioritises frame rate and the other graphical quality. This works out slightly different for each console, which can quickly get confusing.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition graphics mode

PlayStation 4: up to 30fps at 1080p
PS4 Pro: Up to 30fps at 4K
PlayStation 5: up to 60fps at 4K
Xbox One: up to 30fps at 1080p
Xbox Series S and Xbox One X: up to 30fps at 4K
Xbox Series X: up to 60fps at 4K

One qualification though is that the Legendary Edition is not a native PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X game and is only running through backwards compatibility on the next gen consoles. Given Microsoft always has an advantage in that area this may not be an entirely fair comparison.

Whatever the exact reasons the difference 120fps makes is extremely mild, even if you can experience it. And in any case, the PC version can run the games up to 240fps, which is even harder to discern.

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