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Midnight Fight Express has forty missions complete with unique challenges, collectibles, and progress ratings to seek out in all of them. Not only does this allow you to hone your fierce Beat-'em-Up skills, but it also allows you to unlock cool cosmetic items and even cheat codes to help you breeze through levels.

The second mission of the game, Bro-tel, has a couple of tricky challenges that will be hard to tackle when first starting, but they are possible to do right from the jump. While this mission is slightly more challenging than the first one, it's not all bad once you learn its ins and outs.

Mission 2 Overview

Mission 2, Bro-tel, picks up from where we left off with the first mission and is slightly more challenging but nothing too drastic. While progressing through the level is as straightforward as you'd expect, the challenges can be tricky to tackle if you try to do them without unlocking some Skills first. However, the good news is you can complete all of the challenges in the Bro-tel mission without needing to go out of your way for a specific Skill. It will just be slightly harder to pull off.

Bro-tel Challenges

  • Find A Knight Figure And Take It With You To The Train
  • Defeat Lil' Tony With His Own Gun
  • Defeat Four Enemies Using Explosions

With that out of the way, we can finally get on with the complete challenge guide to the Bro-tel mission of Midnight Fight Express, which you will find in the section directly below this one!

Challenges are locked until you complete the mission at least once, meaning you will have to clear the Bro-tel mission before moving on to the challenges. So, before going any further, ensure you can take them on before attempting them!

Mission 2 Challenge Guide

Despite being only the second mission in Midnight Fight Express, the Bro-tel's challenges can be easy to miss or slightly frustrating to execute, which can be daunting to some, considering how easy the first mission's challenges were. Nonetheless, they aren't too bad once you know what you're looking for and what to do, and that's precisely what we aim to do with the step-by-step guides below!

Find A Knight Figure And Take It With You To The Train

The Bro-tel's first challenge is relatively straightforward but easy to miss. For this challenge, you will have to carry a Knight Figure all the way to the exit with you and hop on the train with it in your possession. While that may sound tedious at first, it's not so bad, especially after you know where it's located and how to handle it after you pick it up. Let's go over the tips and location of the Knight Figure:

  • Knight Figure Location: The Knight Figure is located at the very start of the mission and is found on the desk directly to the right as soon as you spawn.
  • Drop The Knight Figure Before Each Encounter: Carry the Knight Figure with you throughout the level and drop it anytime enemies appear. Not only does this protect it from breaking, but it will also have you spawn back in holding it if you were to meet your demise in battle.
  • Never Use It As A Weapon: Sure, the Knight Figure is more durable than most other weapons, but you should never use it as a melee weapon. If this thing were to break, you'd have to die in combat and hope to respawn with it in your possession or will have to restart the entire mission over again.
  • Target Whoever Lays A Finger On It: When dropping the Knight Figure, enemies will occasionally pick it up to use it as a weapon on you. Whenever this happens, target them and make them pay for daring to use this adorable Knight Figure as a weapon!

Defeat Lil' Tony With His Own Gun

Next up is easily the most difficult challenge of the second mission, which involves you killing Lil' Tony with his very own revolver that he uses on you during the boss fight. There are several ways to complete this task, and we will outline each of them below!

  • Throw It At Him For The Finishing Blow: If you can make Lil' Tony waste his bullets, he will throw the revolver to the ground whenever it runs out of ammo. Whenever this happens, you can pick it up, hurl it at his face, and deal damage. The strategy here would be to have him discard his revolver, whittle his health down, then chuck it at him for the final strike!
  • Steal It From Him And Start Shootin': While this method can work, it's also tough to pull off, as stealing weapons from bigger enemies, especially bosses, is near impossible in this game. Nonetheless, it's still possible, but you will have to wait until you progress through the game a bit. The following Skills will allow you to steal Lil' Tony's revolver, with ammo, to use it on him:
    • Disarm Weapon (Grapple Tree)
    • Rope Disarm (Rope Tree)
    • Power Wave Bullet (Secondary Gun Tree)

    Defeat Four Enemies Using Explosions

    The third and final challenge will have you kill four enemies via explosions. Luckily, this challenge is a cakewalk, especially after you know where each of the four propane tanks are on the stage. Furthermore, you can easily get several kills off of one propane tank, allowing you to get it in the first two if you're proficient enough. The images above will show you where they are, and we will provide extra context below if needed!

    • Propane Tank One: The first propane tank is located in the downstairs portion of the starting area. The steps that lead downstairs are located directly beside the door that will take you into the next area. You can use this to scoop up two or three kills depending on how well you time your throw/kick!
    • Propane Tank Two: In the second area of the mission, where the two enemies blow up a thing of C4 during a cutscene, is where you will find your second propane tank. Upon entering the room, head right until you come across sinks with a mirror above them. The propane tank will be on the floor in front of the sink. If used properly, you can score the four kills you need off this one alone!
    • Propane Tank Three: The third propane tank is in the same room as the second one, except it's found in the upper left corner of the room. Like the other one, you can score a lot of kills off just this one propane tank if you time your throw/kick properly.
    • Propane Tank Four: The final propane tank is located at the very end of the level, in the parking lot found just outside of the Lil' Tony boss encounter. After you defeat Lil' Tony, jump off the rooftop and head past the blue car parked outside the Restaurant to find the propane tank. You can take several enemies out at once with this one as well, but you will only need to kill one enemy if you accumulated kills with the other three to complete the challenge!

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