Minecraft Amiibo Delayed Until Late 2022

Steve and Alex crossed over into Super Smash Bros. in 2020 which means they get their very own amiibos, but they've been delayed from their expected release date of Spring 2022 to "later in 2022."

According to Nintendo, the delay is down to a "logistics and production" problem which isn't too surprising given that we're still in the midst of a global pandemic. Regardless, we can still expect the Min Min amiibo to release on April 29, nearly two years after her debut in Smash Bros.

Steve and Alex meanwhile were added to Smash Bros Ultimate in October 2020 which was five years in the making between developer Mojang and Nintendo. A few more months for their amiibos is nothing in comparison, but it isn't clear when we can expect them later this year – Nintendo is keeping things vague for now.

After Steve and Alex, there are only five fighters left for the amiibo line – Sora, Sephiroth, Mythra, Pyra, and Kazuya. Four are confirmed to be getting amiibos, but it's unclear if Sora will join them.

However, the Kingdom Heart games are available to play right now on the Nintendo Switch via the cloud if you're itching for more Sora. Granted, the cloud ports aren't too popular among fans.

Given Nintendo's track record of fighter to amiibo times, we can likely expect the last bunch to release around 2023 and 2024. Sora was only added to Smash Bros last year, after all.

In other Minecraft news, the new beta is out now for players to test and give feedback. Already, they've found a bug that lets frogs eat anything. Could it eat the Ender Dragon? Could it eat the Master Hand? Maybe. But right now, they're eating Slimes and Magma Cubes, proving to be a difficult and buggy inclusion to the game. Hell, in development, they would slap themselves with their own tongues. They could make for a mean Smash Bros. fighter, eh?

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