Monster Hunter Rise: Where To Find Carbalite Ore

Carbalite Ore is one of the rare ores in Monster Hunter Rise. Once you start unlocking higher-level quests, you will notice that Carbalite Ore is valuable as a material for forging and upgrading weapons and armors.

Finding Carbalite Ore can be tricky, but there are a few ways to get it. The best way to gather Carbalite Ore is through mining, and in this guide, we will take you through all the best locations where the drop rate for this material is high.

Where To Find Carbalite Ore

As long as the quests or expeditions you're doing are high-level ones, the Calbalite Ore can be found almost everywhere in the world of Monster Hunter Rise. However, the drop rate for each location varies and is not consistent in the game, meaning there's a bit of luck involved.

However, we have got a few tips to increase your chances for Cabalite Ore drop.

  • When mining for Cabalite Ore, do not go to high-level missions. Instead, go on an expedition or a tour.
  • Before going to the location, eat Raisin d'être. Eating this will reduce the time taken for items to respawn after gathering.

Sandy Plain Cabalite Ore Node Route

Keep following the numbers from 1 to 6 while you are at Sandy Plains. You will be able to mine a lot of Cabalite Ore in a short duration of time. Moreover, you can visit the numbered areas individually for Ore nodes.

Shrine Ruins Cabalite Ore Node Route

The Shrine Ruins route is a bit complicated to follow, but if you stick to it, you will quickly gather a lot of Cabalite Ore.

Similarly to the Sandy Plain Cabalite Ore route, simply follow the numbers to maximise your chances of running into the ore.

Lava Caveren Cabalite Ore Node Route

A quick glimpse at the image may confuse you; however, there is a particular route to follow if you want to gather Carbalite Ore faster and make the most out of your time. This route so far is the best for mining Cabalite Ore, and unlike the other two maps, you should follow it closely.

Mining from areas 1-4 is easy, but when you reach area 5, there would be a little bit of platforming to get to the higher levels. Once you are there, jump down and you will come across nodes 2-4. The next problem you might face will be getting from areas 7-10. At number 7, you will come across a small cave where you will find the opportunity to mine. Next, start climbing your way to 8, then to 9, and finally to 10. Just keep following the area numbers when climbing, and you will finish the entire mining run in no time.

Alternate Method To Get Carbalite Ore

There is an alternate, although not a better, way to find and mine Carbalite Ore. We have listed a few high-level quests that have a 10-20% chance of rewarding you the Carbalite Ore. The best approach would be to follow the mining route when completing these missions to have the best chance at gathering Carbilite ore. Here is a list of quests that make you navigate through the areas mentioned above.

  1. Bowled Over
  2. Can't Kill It with Fire
  3. Flooded Forest Fiasco
  4. Grasp the Great Sword
  5. Rotten Fruit
  6. The Lava Caverns Sweep

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