Monster Rancher 2: How To Unlock Baku And Golem

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Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX features the first two games in the Monster Rancher series, both of which see you raising monsters on your ranch and generating new ones by using the digital CD database in the Shrine. You'll soon notice that you can't use some CDs to get monsters, with the NPC at the Shrine explaining you are not authorized to do so.

This means that the CD has a monster breed that you have yet to unlock. In this guide, we're going to tell you exactly what you need to do to unlock Baku and Golem in Monster Rancher 2.

Baku and Golem are large monsters so to unlock them you need to upgrade your stables so that you have enough room to house them.

Unlocking Ranch Upgrades

The ranch upgrade event will take place on the 4th week of May each year, providing that you meet the requirements for it. If you meet the requirements, Colt will ask you about upgrading and ask Binto to do the work if you agree.

Even if you meet the requirements, you must be on the ranch for that week. This means training or resting on the 3rd week of May to be there for the fourth. If you do Errantry over this time or your monster is injured, the event will not occur.

These are the requirements for each upgrade and the order in which they appear.

Upgrade Price Unlock Requirements
First House Upgrade 5,000G
  • Have 7,000G+
  • Trainer Grade: 3rd Rank (Have beaten Rank C)
First Stable Upgrade 15,000G
  • Have 17,000G+
  • Trainer Grade: 4th Rank (Have beaten Rank B)
Second House Upgrade 8,000G
  • Have 10,000G+
  • Trainer Grade: 5th Rank (Have beaten Rank A)
Third House Upgrade 12,000G
  • Have 14,000G+
  • Trainer Grade: 6th Rank (Have beaten Rank S)
Second Stable Upgrade 30,000G
  • Have 32,000G+
  • Trainer Grade: 7th Rank (Defeat one of The Major Four)
Fourth House Upgrade 20,000G
  • Have 22,000G+
  • Trainer Grade: 8th Rank (Defeat two of The Major Four)

How To Unlock Golem And Baku

You need to have upgraded your stable once to unlock Baku and Golem. This means being 3rd Rank with 7,000G on the 4th week of May to upgrade your house, then waiting until the next year before upgrading the stable providing that you are 4th Rank and have 17,000G.

Once you've done that, on your next visit to the Shrine, Chaille will tell you that you can now generate big monsters.

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