MultiVersus To Buff Wonder Woman After EVO 2022

The MultiVersus open beta has been in full swing for almost a week, giving anyone with a platform on which to play the game a chance to try it out. It also means players have been highlighting some of the issues with the game before it gets a full launch, and those with a penchant for playing as Wonder Woman have a buff to look forward to in the near future.

MultiVersus players have been taking to social media to complain about Wonder Women's hitboxes and cooldown periods, particularly when it comes to the DC hero's Lasso of Truth. As highlighted by GamesRadar, the game's director Tony Huynh has heard your complaints, and fixes are on the way. Huynh tweeted that Wonder Woman will be getting a buff after EVO which takes place later this week.

It was revealed earlier this year that MultiVersus would have a spot at EVO this year. That means any changes Huynh and the rest of the team might want to make to the game will need to wait until at least next week. Those competing in the tournament this coming weekend wouldn't be too pleased if they had got to grips with their main only for an update a few days ahead of time to alter how that character performs entirely.

As for how exactly Wonder Woman will be improved, that hasn't been revealed. Since Huynh's reply was to a tweet in which the above issues are mentioned specifically, it seems likely hitboxes and cooldown periods will be addressed, thus making Wonder Woman a more appealing character to use. As for when exactly those changes will be applied, the next major MultiVersus update is scheduled for August 9, so keep an eye out for a better-performing Wonder Women from that point on.

While Wonder Woman might be getting a buff, it has already been revealed that Bugs Bunny will be getting nerfed at the same time. Bugs will join Taz who has already had his overpowered tornado watered down after players labeled it a little much. Now players have said the same of Adventure Time's Finn, but no word on his future and whether a nerf is coming for the time being.

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